How to choose the right mascara?


Choose your mascara according to the colour of your eyes

Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessarily advisable to associate the color of your mascara with the color of your eyes. Instead, you will choose your mascara based on the effect you want to give to your gaze. Do not hesitate to opt for different colors to sublimate it!


🌱 What colour of mascara for brown eyes?

If you have dark eyes,turn to a black or midnight blue hue in order to illuminate your gaze. Dark eyes are more charcoal and "severe" than light eyes. Opt for a colorful shade to bring a little lightness to your look.

The classic black mascara will also be perfect for highlighting the mischievous side of your dark eyes.


🌱 What colour of mascara for green eyes?

If you have green eyes,opt for a colorful brown or plum mascara in order toenlarge and sublimate your look. Ditto here, it is really a question of choice and desired effect. If you want to stay classic, an intense black mascara will also be perfect. You are lucky, with your green eyes, a touch of black mascara is enough to affirm your look!


🌱 What colour of mascara for blue eyes?

If you have blue eyes, lean towards warm shades. The plum and brown mascara will bring out your eyes and will delight you! If you opt for a black mascara, be careful not to put too much. You have very clear eyes, so if you put a little too much emphasis on black mascara, it may denote too much with your eyes. The intensity, yes, but all in lightness ;)


Choose your mascara according to your needs


1 Volumize my eyelashes

If you are looking for XXL volume, opt for a curved brush mascara. It offers an intense volume by fleshing them out one by one. Doe look assured! Natural hair or silicone, it's up to you. Silicone hairs will have a more precise and qualitative result, and natural hairs will offer more supplied eyelashes. The half-moon-shaped brush unfolds the eyelashes beyond their natural length. Your gaze is deployed and your eyelashes have a more curved and elongated appearance. 

Be careful to choose the texture as well. Prefer a light texture that does not make packages, does not leave marks on the eyelid, facilitates application and offers an immediate volume effect. our Perfect Curl mascara will be perfect to guarantee you a 3D effect. After several years of research, our innovative brush will curl your eyelashes and give them a breathtaking volume in one pass. This mascara ensures optimal eye comfort, its texture does not flow and does not dry the eyes. Long-lasting hold guaranteed!


2 Lengthen my eyelashes

Be careful, lengthening your eyelashes does not necessarily mean giving them volume! It is a question here of keeping their natural density, but of lengthening them to have an intense fringe of eyelashes. So opt for a round brush,which will subtly deposit the material on your eyelashes, one by one and ensure a deep look. This type of brush is 2 in 1: it expands the eyelashes for a more provided rendering and lengthens them for a more intense look. The eyelashes are multiplied and thickened.

The texture of your mascara is also important. Forget the too liquid textures that may sink and not hold all day on your eyelashes. Prefer a light but mattifying texture that will effectively stretch your eyelashes to lengthen them.

The trick is to go back and forth from left to right on your eyelashes to stretch them one by one. Several passages are necessary.

For example, our Density-Volume mascara will perfectly meet this objective: it is easy to apply thanks to its light and melting texture. Its round brush perfectly fits the eyelashes to make them up one by one, even the smallest, without making packages.  It offers comfort and long-lasting hold for a natural result. Your eyelashes are separated and enlarged.


3   Curl my eyelashes

For an XXL effect, remember to use an eyelash curler before filled with makeup.

Bending the eyelashes is sometimes the most complicated as an effect to give to your gaze. No choice: you need a curved brush that will perfectly fit the shape of your gaze and deposit mascara on all your eyelashes, even those at the end. The half-moon brush makes the eyelashes fleshed out and multiplied and produces an immediate effect. Opt for soft silicone pins that allow you to style and lengthen the eyelashes in a qualitative way, without making packages.

For curved eyelashes, choose without hesitation our Perfect Curl mascara.


4 Separate my eyelashes

If you want to separate your eyelashes and create a very precise eyelash fringe,opt for a straight and long brush. This type of brush will separate and stretch the eyelashes from the root to the tip. It promises toenlarge and intensify the look/strong> in a few passages. This type of mascara envelops each eyelash, one by one, for a most precise result. This type of brush makes it possible to look for the smallest eyelashes that are located at the inner and outer corners of the eye. Also pay attention to the texture used and opt for a texture that is mattifying enough to fit effectively on each eyelash all day, without sinking. To multiply your eyelashes,turn to our Precision mascara.


Choose your mascara according to your type of eyelashes

⏺ I have short eyelashes

If you have short eyelashes, don't panic! Go for a long, straight or round brush mascara. The first lengthens the lashes with a few strokes of the brush. The intense gaze is yours! As for the second, it allows you to enlarge your eyes while maintaining a natural effect. Depending on the desired effect, our precision mascara or our density-volume mascara will be perfect.


⏺ I have long eyelashes


Lucky you! You can use all types of mascara. Your choice will mainly depend on the desired rendering. Volume and well curled eyelashes? Go for a half-moon brush mascara and silicone bristles. For density and full lashes, opt for a round brush with natural bristles. Looking for precision and infinitely stretched lashes? A straight brush will perfectly stretch your eyelashes one by one so as not to create clumps and form an intense fringe of eyelashes. So you will understand, our 3 mascaras will be perfect for your eyelashes, choose your favourite according to the effect you want to give to your eyes ;)


Coloured mascara: a good idea?

Obviously ! The coloured mascara will be a perfect addition for a little touch of color without spending too much time in the bathroom. It will instantly colour your gaze, and therefore brighten and enlarge it.

As we mentioned earlier, it is not necessarily advisable to choose a mascara that is the same color as your eyes. For blue eyes, go for warm colors like brown or plum mascaras. If you have brown or black eyes, turn to midnight blue or classic black mascara. Finally, for green eyes, go for the plum or brown mascara.


Les tips de la team Charlotte 🤝💖

Quel type de mascara choisir ? ✌🏼

Plutôt cils allongés et séparés ? ou alors du volume et des cils XXL ? Le résultat dépendra de la brosse du mascara, mais aussi de sa formule !

Marie, notre make-up artist répond à cette question et vous présente nos 3 mascaras bio & vegan. Une fois que vous aurez regardé cette vidéo vous saurez vers quel produit vous tourner ! 🤝

The Charlotte Bio tip: pay attention to the formulation of the mascara 🔬

1️⃣ Check the labels 📃

To be sure of the right composition of a mascara, just pay attention to the labels and certifications that confirm the marketing advantages advanced by the brands . The Ecocert and Cosmebio labels let you know that most mascara ingredients are certified organic. The label Vegan certifies that the mascara does not contain animal matter in its composition. Finally, the label Cruelty Free means that the mascara was not tested on animals during its development.

For more info on labels and how to understand them, consult our dedicated guide HERE .

2️⃣ Don't be fooled by advertising ❌

Beware of the claims “100% natural” or “100% natural ingredients” which can be used as a marketing argument. Indeed, the natural ingredients in a cosmetic formula are a real benefit for health and the planet, but they have no guarantee of where they come from , the way they are cultivated and how they are handled afterwards . For example: jojoba oil is a natural ingredient. However, without the organic certification, it can mean that it is chemically treated and harvested under working conditions that do not respect the workers, for example. In any case, if you are looking for a quality, ethical product that respects ecological and ethical values, turn to recognized labels and certifications which promise very demanding specifications for these different points.

3️⃣ Charlotte Bio’s promises ✅

Our mascaras are all made with 100% natural ingredients and 66% organic ingredients . Thanks to a complex of vegetable oils and vegetable waxes , our mascara is today as effective as a conventional mascara , offering the guarantee of a healthy formula that is good for you as well as for the planet.

Our formula is made up of “magic” ingredients, each of which has known and recognized virtues and benefits:

🎋 Jojoba oil, which has nourishing, protective, re-balancing and softening actions. It has soothing, healing, and protective properties.

🎋 Castor oil , which strengthens nails, hair, and eyelashes. It is perfect for repairing and nourishing hair and body hair, and it is known to make them grow faster.

🎋 Magnolia Bark Extract , which has antibacterial and antioxidant properties; your eyes and eyelashes are thus protected.

🎋 Barley extract , which has softening and anti-histamine (anti-allergies, rash, itching) actions.

🎋 Carnauba wax , which comes from a palm tree in Brazil. It guarantees a light and non-sticky texture which guarantees a long-lasting hold of the product on the eyelashes.

🎋 Japanese varnish bark wax, which is a natural stabilizing agent (which will therefore replace preservatives derived from petrochemicals): it improves the ingredients or the stability of the formulation and the duration of conservation.

Why organic? 🌿

Mascara is essential in the makeup routine. Applied every day, it is in permanent contact with the eyes , so you must be careful with the mascara you choose. At Charlotte Bio, we make every effort to offer you mascaras that respect your eyes, the planet and that are all made in France. Our mascaras are Ecocert and Cosmebio certified . These labels are organic labels recognized in the world of cosmetics. They comply with technical charters, which guarantee the absence of components from petrochemicals and endocrine disruptors.

Health-related guarantees 👩🏻‍⚕️

Let’s say it, conventional mascaras contain drying agents, chemical minerals, preservatives, which are as close as possible to the mucous membranes and which can, in the long term, damage your eyes. Pay attention to the tests carried out on the formula before the product is put on the market. Our mascaras have undergone several tests to ensure the highest quality and the greatest safety in their use. For example, our 3 mascaras have been developed under dermatological and ophthalmological control. They are hypoallergenic and contain only natural components that are gentle on the eyes. In addition, formulated fragrance-free , the formula does not sting the eyes , and this is rare in the organic world!

An eye care mascara? 🛁

Do you want to go further and look for a skincare mascara? If you have dried out lashes that tend to break, some mascaras, in addition to guaranteeing lengthened and fuller lashes, promise hydration and protection . Thanks to cosmetic innovations and the association of different vegetable oil and wax complexes, and components such as jojoba oil, castor oil or Carnauba wax, your eyelashes are hydrated and protected all day long, and their growth is boosted. Do you take care of your hair? Also remember to take care of your eyelashes;).

Choosing an organic mascara: the 10 most asked questions by our community

✅ How do you know if an organic mascara is effective?

Who said organic doesn't rhyme with efficiency? Charlotte Bio mascaras do not run and ensure a long-lasting hold. Goodbye panda eyes at the end of the day! Thanks to months of research and development, we have succeeded in developing an organic mascara that easily competes with the biggest industrial and non-organic brands. Chemical minerals are replaced by vegetable minerals, synthetic waxes are replaced by vegetable waxes, preservatives by natural components, and synthetic fragrances with natural fragrances. And even without all those petrochemical components that promise you endless lashes, you get the same result with an organic mascara.

To make it short, everything is there! Quality, labels, health, efficiency, long life, and accessibility.

✅ I am looking for a natural effect mascara, what to choose?

In search of a no makeup effect , opt for a straight brush or a rounded brush to flesh out your lashes while guaranteeing a natural result. Also pay attention to the texture, forget too liquid textures which will not hold, and too thick textures which will give too much of a smoky effect. Opt for example for our precision mascara or our density-volume mascara , making one or two passes.

✅ Does a mascara need to be waterproof?

Your mascara does not have to be waterproof. At Charlotte Bio, we have chosen to offer you organic, vegan, and cruelty-free mascaras that resist even to bad weather. Our formulation has been designed with the aim of ensuring you a long-lasting hold .

✅ Which mascara to choose to avoid dry eyelashes?

If you have dry eyelashes? Do not panic! Opt for a care mascara that contains natural elements such as waxes and vegetable oils. Our mascaras contain a complex of vegetable oils (Jojoba oil, sunflower oil and castor oil) which have rebalancing, moisturizing, nourishing, and fortifying properties for the eyelashes.

✅ An organic mascara that does not run, is it possible?

We admit it, where conventional mascaras contain drying agents, organic is a tedious job to obtain a mascara that does not run. But at Charlotte’s, nothing is impossible!
Our mascaras have been formulated with the aim of ensuring a long-lasting hold and therefore mascaras which do not run. You can fall for them with confidence. The waxes it contains reinforce the texture to prevent it from being too runny.

✅ How long does a mascara last?

Our organic and vegan mascaras have a shelf life of 6 months after opening , like almost all organic mascaras on the market. To optimize its duration, we advise you to store it in a dry and not sunny place.

✅ Are your mascaras hypoallergenic?

Absolutely! Our formula in Charlotte Bio mascaras is hypoallergenic, and it is developed and tested under dermatological and ophthalmological control. The little extra? It does not contain perfume! As a result, with our mascaras you do not risk any allergies!

✅ Which mascara to choose to avoid clumps?

The precision mascara catches and separates the eyelashes one by one thanks to its small pin brush. With this mascara, farewell to clumps!

✅ Is it possible to put mascara on eyelash extensions?

It is quite possible to apply mascara if you have eyelash extensions . Our mascaras are made from Japanese varnish bark wax, the wax allows easier application and thus, does not damage your eyelash extensions. Choose our precision mascara to separate the lashes one by one. Look at your doe eyes!

✅ I have blue eyes; can I wear blue mascara?

If you have blue eyes, we advise you not to choose a mascara of the same colour as your eyes. To bring out your stunning blue eyes, turn to warm shades . Our brown or plum mascaras will suit you perfectly!