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    4 products

    4 products

    An organic and natural lipstick 🌿

    The organic and natural Charlotte Bio lipstick enhances the smile . Formulated in Northern Italy , its composition is flawless. All the ingredients in it are of natural origin and 40% of these (minimum) come from organic farming.

    Jojoba oil and apricot kernel extracts present in lipsticks allow gentle application and intense pigmentation .

    The lip inks have a gloss effect and are made with castor oil, candelilla wax and magnolia extract for crazy shine and hydration!

    A quality and affordable lipstick 🤝

    Our powdered and matte organic lipsticks are at a very reasonable price to make organic makeup accessible to everyone.

    Fall for our organic lipsticks for less than 10 € . Our lip inks are less than 14 € for a capacity of 8 ml. So, what are you waiting for to switch to affordable organic lipstick?

    A vegan and cruelty-free lipstick 🐰

    All of our lipsticks are Cruelty free certified. This ensures the absence of animal testing. They are also certified Vegan , which ensures that there are no ingredients of animal origin in the product and in the packaging.

    How to apply an organic lipstick?

    Which lipstick colour to choose?

    First and foremost, makeup is a matter of taste and desire , wear makeup that suits you and that you like.

    Here are our advice for choosing a shade according to your skin tone.

    👉 Do you have a fair complexion and want discreet makeup? All the shades of powdery lipstick suit you perfectly, such as coral and nude. Go for intense reds and pinks if you want to lift your complexion.

    👉 matte and golden skin are highlighted with bright lipsticks, such as poppy or garnet red lip ink.

    👉 Organic lipsticks in dark colours, such as intense reds, burgundy or redcurrant sublimate mixed to black skin .

    Same thing, the size of your lips can guide your choice.

    👄 Matte lipsticks are not recommended if you have occasional small fine lines on your lips. They are known to refine the lips (so the mini mouths, abstain ...).

    👄 Matte textures are more recommended for those who have a plump mouth .

    👄 Unlike the matte finish, shiny lipsticks are primarily recommended for those with thin lips, the shine gives volume so your mouth will appear fuller.

    How to apply organic lipstick?

    In order to apply your lipstick evenly, start with the cupid bow making a cross to draw it well.

    Then follow the shape of your upper lips and repeat the gesture on the lower lip .

    Don't forget the corners!

    The 8 most asked questions about our organic lipsticks

    Why should I choose organic for my lipstick?

    We all like to highlight our smile with a pretty lipstick , whether it is mat with intense color or shiny in shades which are more natural . How to choose the right lipstick and why choose organic? We tell you everything!

    The lips are very thin mucous membranes which tend to absorb substances in contact with them. So obviously, when you read the composition of conventional lipsticks, you quickly realize that it is better to avoid applying too regularly. Conventional lipsticks with intense colours, which guarantee you a long wear without transfer, are generally formulated based on products derived from petrochemicals such as waxes and oils, such as paraffin, silicone which tend to clog the skin. Chemical sunscreens and preservatives, such as parabens and their allergens, are suspected of being endocrine disruptors. They are generally composed of dyes and pigments that may contain heavy metals, lead, and chromium residues, which can cause allergies and cancer.

    So why take so many risks to look beautiful when you can choose natural organic lipstick ? Combining simplified composition , with raw materials from organic farming , and long lasting , the organic Charlotte organic vegan lipstick is made of jojoba oil and apricot kernels , and any controversial substance is banned such as titanium dioxide in nanoparticles.

    In addition to being good for you and for the environment , the organic lipstick without titanium dioxide in nanoparticles is enriched with nourishing and moisturizing active ingredients : it brings coverage and unparalleled comfort to your lips. They are embellished and your organic moisturizing lipstick ensures a long hold.

    What type of organic lipstick to choose?

    We offer 3 types of lipstick to satisfy everyone's desires. Our organic matte lipstick has perfect coverage without neglecting comfort. It comes in 6 intense shades outlines your lips with precision. Our natural powdery lipstick is available in 4 shades, for a softer effect. It leaves them a satin effect and deeply nourished lips. Our organic lip ink is perfect for a precise application thanks to its foam tip. It is available in 3 shades, from the most discreet to the most intense for a shiny, glossy effect and long-lasting hold.

    What is the difference between your matte lipstick and your powdery lipstick?

    The main difference between organic matte lipstick and organic powder lipstick is the finish. Opt for matte lipstick for a flawless finish and a velvet finish , which refines the lips . Shiny lipsticks illuminate the face and soften it. They give volume to the lips.

    What effect can you expect from our organic lipstick?

    Our organic lipstick is made with jojoba oil and apricot kernel extract . Its formula is enriched with nourishing and moisturizing natural active ingredients and brings you coverage and comfort throughout the day.

    Looking for an organic pigmented lipstick? The mat lipstick natural has an intense, long-lasting pigmentation. The shades Bordeaux and Redcurrant are the most pigmented. Depending on the desired effect, the different lipsticks have a mat, satin or shiny finish. The organic gloss lipstick < / strong> with nude and pink tones tends to accentuate the volume of the lips and to highlight them gently. The matte organic grape lipstick highlights plump lips and illuminates the smile thanks to shades all more colourful than each other.

    Lip ink brings an unprecedented shine. It is available in 3 shades : Rosé champagne, Dolce vita, Garnet red.

    The formulas of our lipsticks are enriched in care thanks to the association of a complex of hydrating vegetable oils & nbsp;: oil of jojoba for grape lipsticks, and castor oil for lip inks These natural oils are recognized for their many virtues. In addition to providing a melting texture , they protect against dehydration and nourish very gently . Thus, your lips are < strong> protected and embellished . Discover the pleasure of a long-lasting organic lipstick all day long. Need a touch up? Its format allows you to take it everywhere with you, to be on top at all times .

    Is your organic lipstick long-lasting?

    Yes, our formula enriched with active ingredients provides a long-lasting hold, all day long , even after drinking or eating.

    Is your organic lipstick hydrating?

    Looking for an organic moisturizing lipstick? Our 100% natural formula is enriched with care and moisturizes your lips throughout the day: comfort guaranteed!

    Is removing makeup from your lipstick easy?

    Our lipstick is easily removed using a knob of milky water makeup remover on a reusable cotton pad.

    Are your lipsticks transfer-free?

    Our lipstick effectively allows you a daily use without transfer .

    What is your most pigmented lipstick?

    < / strong>

    The most pigmented organic lipstick is burgundy . It brings a velvet finish to the lips and a bright color to highlight your pretty smile. Its color is unique thanks to the presence of mineral and natural dyes in its formula.

    What is the composition of your organic lipsticks?

    Our lipsticks are made from 100% natural ingredients as well as 40% of the ingredients are organic : they are therefore natural and healthy. The major ingredients are jojoba oil and apricot kernel extract . Our lip inks are composed of castor oil, candelilla wax and magnolia extract, providing deep hydration and protection. Find the full composition of our organic lipsticks here.

    Is there titanium dioxide in your organic lipstick?

    Titanium dioxide, also known as TiO2, comes in the form of a white powder. It can be found in nature in different forms such as rutile, brookite, anatase or even ilmenite. Titanium dioxide is mainly found in cosmetics such as sunglasses, make-up, and white products (especially face care). The role of this ingredient is not going to be the same from product to product.

    Among its most common applications, we can cite:

    • White pigment: for colouring products.
    • Opacifier: to make formulas less transparent.
    • Mineral UV filter: titanium dioxide has a very good ability to reflect light, which makes it an essential ingredient in sunscreens. Applied to the skin, it offers very good protection against the harmful effects of the sun.

    On a cosmetic level, titanium dioxide is questionable when it comes in the form of nanoparticles (a particle 1000 times smaller than the diameter of a hair). When it's nano in size, it's so small that scientists fear it could pass the skin barrier.

    In cosmetics that use it for its colouring or opacifying effect, like all make-up products, the particles must on the contrary be of larger size (micrometric), so they are not considered as nanoparticles. So there is no reason to fear them in your makeup. To reassure you in your consumption of cosmetic products, look at the list of ingredients, if titanium dioxide is used in a nano form, you will see the mention [nano] which must be indicated in the list of ingredients.