Dark circles and blemishes, no more!

    Concealers and anti-redness

    Looking for an all-in-one product for a healthy glow in the morning?
    Stop everything, here it is 👇
    And what's more, it's natural, organic and vegan!

    2 products

    2 products

    Team Charlotte's tips 🤝💖

    How to choose your concealer? ✌🏼

    It depends on your skin, its texture, your complexion, the finish and the coverage you want...

    Marie, notre make-up artist answers this question and explains to you which shade to turn to depending on your skin tone, and also the color of your veins!

    A vegan and cruelty-free concealer 🐰

    Certified Vegan and cruelty free , the Charlotte Bio concealer does not contain any ingredient of animal origin or resulting from their exploitation. Likewise, no testing is performed on our animal friends.

    An organic and natural concealer 🌿

    The organic and natural concealer hides blemishes thanks to a & nbsp; new formula . Composed of 100% natural ingredients and 35% organic ingredients, this product is good for you. & Nbsp;

    The jojoba oil allows the material to penetrate easily and does not leave a greasy film, the application is therefore easier. & nbsp;

    The & nbsp; magnolia bark extracts & nbsp; and & nbsp; apricot kernels , allow you to moisturize your skin gently and restore < strong> & nbsp; tone and radiance for tired skin. & nbsp;

    With the wave of a magic wand, signs of fatigue or blemishes are concealed, and you are ready to start the day. You can't refuse a magic wand and even more if it’s organic, do we agree?

    A quality and affordable concealer 🤝

    This organic moisturizing concealer, in addition to having a irreproachable composition , is less than 10 € for daily use for several months.

    The cheap organic, it exists & nbsp ;!

    Charlotte Bio's Team's tips

    Which concealer colour to choose?

    Discover two concealers according to your needs.

    👉 You tend to have redness , green attenuating red , go for Charlotte Bio organic anti-redness concealer ;: apply it on the red areas of your face , starting from the centre of the face outwards.

    Once applied, work the material with your finger, beauty blender or brush to blend it .

    This green stick will also be perfect as a small point to camouflage pimples, scars, or other blemishes.

    👉 You have slept badly and it can be read before your eyes, apply organic concealer natural directly using the stick or on your finger, blend outwards for a natural effect.

    If you have a pimple or blemishes that you want to hide, apply the organic pimple concealer stick in the same way on the area to be camouflaged .

    How do I apply my concealer?

    👉 Before applying your concealer, apply a foundation on the areas you want to mattify as well as the contour of your eyes.

    👉 Once this step is completed, apply the anti-redness organic stick to your redness.

    👉 Then, you just have to apply the concealer on the blemishes or the dark circles to be camouflaged directly thanks to the stick or the finger. If necessary, you can then blend it with a finger, a brush, or a beauty blender.

    👉 To brighten up your eyes , do not forget about the shadows inside the eye.

    The 8 most asked questions about our organic concealers

    Why choose organic for my concealer?

    By opting for an organic concealer, you protect your skin , and the everyday environment . Indeed, Charlotte Bio’s concealers are made of ingredients of natural origin and which come from organic farming . We therefore favour the best of what nature offers for organic makeup effective , affordable < / strong> and sensory . And by purchasing this product, you are also contributing to this effort, and you are making a commitment to a healthier planet! No more wrapped and over-wrapped products in unnecessary plastics.

    Is the organic concealer in the form of a stick right for me?

    The organic concealer stick allows you to camouflage all blemishes . Its stick format allows you to directly apply the material to the area you want to conceal, with great precision . Its texture is creamy and provides a covering effect without clumping.

    The organic concealer is suitable for all skin types . It is perfect for people who are new to makeup. Once you've tested it, you won't be able to do without it.

    What rendering to expect from our organic concealer?

    Looking for an organic concealer covering ? This is the perfect product. The Charlotte Bio concealer offers good coverage to hide your blemishes, while combining long wear.

    No more concealers that form bundles. Thanks to its texture between a fluid treatment and a treatment in powder form, the organic concealer is creamy , and has a real natural satin finish . In addition, its mini format allows you to take it everywhere, if necessary to make a touch-up.

    What natural ingredients are your concealers made of?

    Charlotte Bio concealers are made from 100% ingredients of natural origin and 30% from organic farming . The main ingredients are jojoba oil , magnolia bark extract , and apricot kernels . Each of them has real virtues which allow to moisturize the skin gently, to tone it and to give it radiance while letting it breathe. The secretions of sebum is regulated and the skin is not dry.

    Does your concealer hide blemishes such as pimples and scars?

    Our concealer camouflages very well blemishes such as pimples and scars. Being non-comedogenic , it does not prevent your skin from breathing and does not cause pimples. It is therefore perfectly suitable for combination to oily skin . In addition, it moisturizes gently to repair your damaged skin.

    Can your organic concealer be enough to hide blemishes?

    Looking for an effective organic concealer? Our concealer rivals conventional concealers, all without damaging your skin . Thanks to its stick tip and its creamy texture , its application is simple and targeted . Add the dose of material you need to hide scars, fine lines, blemishes. Once applied, your complexion is perfect all day long. Are you looking for the essential and don't want to put several layers of makeup on your face? Your miracle product exists! The Charlotte BIO concealer can quite be used alone to guarantee a little boost of freshness in the morning.

    In addition to being covering, is your organic concealer also moisturizing?

    < / h3>

    Yes, thanks to its creamy texture enriched with nourishing active ingredients , in particular jojoba oil, the natural stick concealer protects the skin from dehydration, nourishes it with depth and rebalance. No more drought areas!

    Is your organic concealer non-comedogenic?

    Our organic non-comedogenic concealer does not promote the appearance of pimples and other blemishes. Its creamy texture and natural composition limit the appearance of blackheads and do not clog the pores of the skin.