Don't forget to shine ✨

    The natural, organic & vegan makeup kits

    Discover the organic and vegan makeup routines designed and prepared especially for you.
    Since we are all different, find 3 different routines to meet all your needs 💕!
    "Don't forget to shine ..." ✨

    You choose ! 💕

    We are all different, and have different wants, needs and desires. This is the reason why, at Charlotte Bio, we offer 3 green, oganic, natural and vegan make-up routines !
    These 3 routines are made up of our bestsellers: pigmented products, long-lasting, effective, easy to apply and with super practical packaging. 🙌🏽

    Between € 12 and € 17 discount on the pack and the pretty cotton pouch offered. 

    🌷 I want ... nude, quick to use, essentials for a healthy glow in the morning: the Nude Pack is made for me!
    🍓 I want ... something simple, colorful but not too much, products that are easy to use for a natural make-up but which shows a little: the Starter Pack is made for me!
    🌹 I want ... pigmentation, glitter, color and glam (but green and organic!): The Shiny Pack is made for me!

    7 products

    7 products