How to choose your eyeshadow?

After reading our guide, you will know :

  • Choosing the Perfect Eyeshadow Shades

  • Which texture to choose depending on the desired result

  • Why is it important to favor a clean formulation

Which eye shadow color to choose?

🌱  Depending on the color of your eyes

🤎 For brown eyes, it's super simple! Indeed, most of the colors have a very nice rendering. The most flattering colors are still plum or purple eyeshadows that will bring out your beautiful brown eyes.

💙 Which eye shadow color is ideal for blue eyes?

Brighten them up with bronze, terracotta and orange hues. To accentuate the clarity of your eyes, opt for eye shadows in nude, ash or chocolate color.

💚 In order to highlight green eyes, go for pink and purple shades, which will be ideal to make them stand out!

Finally for gray eyes, fall for charcoal and silver shades that will illuminate your eyes in the blink of an eye. 😉

🌱  Depending on your skin tone

Our second tip will be to determine your skin color. If you have sensitive skin that blushes easily in the sun, you have fair skin. On the other hand, if your skin is rarely prone to sunburn and which tans more easily, you have dark skin. Finally, if your skin is not sensitive to the sun and you tan very quickly, you have dark skin.

For fair skin, opt for warm shades that warm up the complexion with a stroke of the brush.😉

Those with darker skin have a lot more choices, indeed, all shades work relatively well for their skin tone.

Finally, for dark skin, choose more colorful shades. They will bring a touch of pep in a stroke of the brush! 🌈

🌱  Depending on your age

If you have mature skin, go for more nude shades that will look great on you. For others, it's simple: all colors will match as long as you follow our advice! 👌

🌱  Depending on your clothes

Between colorful makeup and luminous outfit ... you have to choose! If you have a very colorful outfit, opt for more sober makeup to balance and keep a touch of sophistication. Finally if you have a more sober outfit, choose a more colorful make-up which will add pep to your look!

Choosing your eyeshadow: daring to color or prefer nude?

Everything will depend on the rendering you want to have and your preferences! If you feel more comfortable with nude colors, go for these colors. 🤍


At Charlotte Bio, we offer eyeshadow pallets  Nude, Purple and Golden for gorgeous makeup while remaining natural!

If you love color and are more pop, take a look at our palettes Glossy Glam and Spring Blossom to highlight your pretty eyes.👀🌈

For smoky eyes and superb smokey-eyes, fall for our Vegetal or Smokey eyeshadow.🖤

Which eye shadow texture to choose?

1️⃣  The compact eye shadow

This is the classic eye shadow that is found in all makeup bags! It can be found both individually and on a pallet. Easy to apply and to work, it is ideal for beginners. At Charlotte Bio, we offer compact eyeshadow palettes with many colors to satisfy all of you! 👩🏻‍🦰👩🏼👩🏾👵🏻

2️⃣ Creamy eyeshadow

Creamy eyeshadows are the hardest to apply. They are enriched with oil and will tend to move throughout the day by resting in the crease of the eyelid. Apply them as a base to bring pigmentation to your make-up! Ideal for sensitive or dry eyelids, it has moisturizing active ingredients.💧

3️⃣ Powder eyeshadow 

The eye shadows in powder form promise a long hold and a more intense look thanks to the pigments present in the powder. In order to apply your powder eyeshadow, use suitable brushes to work with the material.

At Charlotte Bio, powder eyeshadow is our ultimate darling. We offer 7 palettes, from nude to the most pop, there is something for everyone! 😉

4️⃣ Eyeshadow pencil

Easy to apply and usable without the aid of a brush, it is very practical for small, quick touch-ups! Find our jumbo pencil available in 2 shades, which ensures long-lasting hold for fresh makeup even at the end of the day. Its creamy formula ensures easy and pleasant application. 😉

Which eye shadow finish to choose?

✨ Matte eyeshadow

For a pronounced pigmentation and smoky eyes, opt for a matte eyeshadow. Ideal for mature skin, it will avoid accentuating small fine lines in the eyes. For a sophisticated and intense result, dare the mat! 😍

✨ Iridescent eyeshadow

Lighter and more discreet, the iridescent eyeshadow will bring a touch of radiance and freshness to your makeup. Also known as pearlescent eyeshadow, apply it to the inner corner of the eye for a luminous effect. Reflector of light thanks to its pigments, it will illuminate your eyes all day and until the end of the night! 🕺

✨  Glitter eyeshadow

Also called metallic eyeshadow, it is ideal for making a festive makeup or a smokey-eyes! Perfect for shining brightly, it is still necessary to know how to work it for an optimal rendering. ✨

What format of eyeshadow to choose?

🌈 The eyeshadow palette

Multifunction, the different eyeshadows present in the palette can be used as a base, an illuminator, or even an eyeliner. Iridescent, mat or glitter, everything is there! Leave room for your creativity by opting for make-up from the most sober to the most intense.

At Charlotte Bio, we offer palettes made up of 4 matte, iridescent and glitter eyeshadows to fulfill all your desires! 🤩

🌈 Monochrome eyeshadow

Take it everywhere with you, it's ideal for small touch-ups in the middle of the day (or on a wild night out)! 😉

The mono eyeshadow allows you to complete your collection by being sure to apply all your eyeshadows. If you're a beginner, you can start with monochrome eyeshadows to get used to the finishes and textures, before becoming a real expert with 1000 products ! 🎨

The Charlotte Bio tip: Pay attention to the formulation of the eyeshadow! 🔍

1️⃣ Pay attention to product labels and certifications 📃

Paying attention to the labels , to its certifications and to the tests carried out before the product is put on sale is essential. Conventional eyeshadows are made up of chemical minerals and preservatives , which can damage your eyes in the long term.

To guarantee the greatest safety, our Charlotte Bio eyeshadows have been subjected to several qualitative tests. Developed under dermatological and ophthalmological control, our eyeshadows are suitable for sensitive skin. Formulated without talc, they do not dry out the skin. The little extra? They are hypoallergenic and contain only 100% natural components which take care of your eyes.

Certified organic by Ecocert and labeled Cosmebio , our eyeshadow palettes are vegan and cruelty-free . This means that no ingredients are of animal origin and our products are not tested on animals.

For more information on labels and how to understand them, check our dedicated guide HERE.

2️⃣ Pay attention to the eyeshadow formulation ❌

100% ingredients of natural origin and 20% ingredients of organic origin make up our eyeshadows. They have a formulation that respects your skin and the planet. Discover the magic recipe 🪄:

🎋 Jojoba Oil: this oil has nourishing, protective, rebalancing, and softening actions. Allowing to calm redness and irritation, it will protect the skin from daily external aggressions. Thanks to its hydrolipidic film, Jojoba oil is also an excellent anti-aging agent. It will reduce wrinkles while densifying the dermal tissue of your skin!

🎋 Magnolia Bark Extract: this ingredient has antibacterial and antioxidant properties. It is very regularly used in cosmetics. Possessing purifying, soothing, and anti-aging properties, it protects the skin from external aggressions. Plus, Magnolia Bark Extract will also help release sebum from the skin.

Choosing an eyeshadow: the 6 most asked questions

✅ Why turn to organic eyeshadow?

Be careful with the products you use. Indeed, the eyes are the most sensitive area of your face, it is therefore necessary to take care of them. By focusing on organic makeup, you take care of your skin and your mucous membranes. In organic formulas, the active ingredients are assimilated by the skin without attacking or clogging it. Formulated with natural and healthy ingredients , these ingredients replace all harmful components while respecting your skin and the planet.

Subject to very strict specifications, organic and vegan products can be endowed with independent certifications, such as Ecocert and Cosmebio . They are the guarantee of a natural and quality composition . 🌱

As a reminder, our Charlotte Bio eyeshadow palettes are made from 100% natural ingredients and 20% ingredients coming from organic farming . Safe for your skin , they guarantee a pleasant application, a luminous rendering and a long-lasting hold. Don't wait any longer to fall for it! 😍

✅ What is the difference between eyeshadow palettes and stick eyeshadows?

We talk about a stick eyeshadow when we talk about creamy textures. Eyeshadow palettes are about classic powder textures. 😼

✅ What about the expiration date of an eyeshadow?

It will all depend on the brand you use. Regarding our palettes, they can be used 12 months after opening. 😉

✅ Wearing lipstick and eyeshadow at the same time; is it a good idea?

Obviously! It will all depend on how much intensity you want to give. If you want to intensify the mouth , make a discreet eye makeup. Finally, if you want to highlight your eyes with a great makeup, bet on a discreet lipstick. A lot of makeup on the mouth and eyes can give a “too-much” effect, and it will not necessarily highlight your makeup!

✅ I have an allergy to my eyeshadow; what do I have to do?

Don't panic! Just change your makeup routine. 🧖‍♀️

Opt for hypoallergenic and clean eyeshadows like ours! They will respect your eyes by preventing you from having allergic reactions.

✅ Which eyeshadow colour to choose for grey eyes?

If you have pretty grey eyes, we advise you to look for charcoal and silver shades to enhance your eyes. ✨