How to have a radiant complexion?


Moisturise your skin morning and night

Good moisturising is the key step to a glowing complexion. 🥰

Arm yourself with a natural moisturiser to deeply nourish your skin. Place a dab of cream in your hands and then warm the texture before applying it to your face. To apply, move from the inside to the outside to effectively penetrate the cream and tone the skin. Moisturise your forehead, temples, nose, cheeks and chin, then don't forget to moisturise your neck. Finally, wait a few minutes before starting to apply make-up.

To moisturise your skin, we also recommend that you drink water regularly, i.e. 2L per day. Internal hydration is very important for healthy, glowing skin.

Ready to follow these steps? Here's to a shiny complexion!

Taking good care of your skin

1️⃣ Cleanse your skin

The cleansing step is fundamental. 🧼

Cleanse your skin in the morning and remove your makeup completely at night. We recommend using a makeup remover gel that rinses off in seconds to purify your skin when you wake up and go to bed. For those who want to cleanse their skin without rinsing, opt for a gentle makeup remover water to remove all impurities.

2️⃣ Exfoliating your skin

Exfoliation should be done once or twice a week depending on the condition of your skin. If you feel that your skin is too dry or on the contrary too oily, it's time to exfoliate it! 🧽

Go for a clean scrub that takes care of your skin. Prefer scrubs with rice powder and vegetable oils that gently exfoliate without damaging your skin texture.

3️⃣ Apply a moisturising mask

After a good scrub, there's nothing better than applying a moisturising mask to soothe your skin and instantly nourish it. Choose a natural mask with a good composition to moisturise your skin without risking damage. 🧖🏽♀️

If you don't have a moisturising mask on hand, you can try a homemade mask. Charlotte Bio however has a magical plant to offer you, Aloe Vera! 🪴

This plant can be found in gel or leaf form. Apply it to your face to moisturise and plump your skin in a few minutes. Hop, it's done!

4️⃣ Deeply moisturise your skin

Finally, after taking care of your skin, apply your favourite light cream and let it gently soak in. 🤍

If we take a closer look at the Charlotte Bio cream, we observe that its star ingredients are:

  • Aloe Vera 🪴 You've heard about it a million times before and let's face it, it's an essential ingredient in cosmetics. Moisturising, plumping and soothing, its gel has it all!
  • Red Algae 🌊: Rich in moisturising properties, it fights against the loss of elasticity of the skin by nourishing it in depth.
  • Biosaccharide Gum-1 🔬: This ingredient protects your skin from dehydration. Yours is the soft, moisturised skin!

That's right, your skin is ready to withstand any weather!

Using makeup to get a radiant complexion according to your skin type

I have dry skin, how do I brighten my complexion ? 

Use a rich moisturiser and drink plenty of water throughout the day. Certain vegetable oils can be beneficial, such as avocado oil 🥑 for example, which deeply moisturises the most dehydrated skins. Avoid mattifying bases that may not penetrate your pores well. 

Dry skin means dull skin, so don't hesitate to use an illuminating light cream to bring light to your complexion. As far as makeup is concerned, add light by using a white or gold iridescent eye shadow on the inner corner of the eye and then apply a highlighter on the top of your cheekbones from the inside to the outside.

I have combination skin, how do I brighten my complexion ? 

Lucky you, you have the best skin type to work on a glowy complexion! ✨

Use a basic moisturizer or a light cream to prep your skin.

Then, work on the shadowy corners of your face using an  illuminator that adds light and glow. Apply it to the bridge of your nose, the inner corner of your eye, above your cheekbones, under your eyebrows on the outside, above the heart of your lips and then on the bottom of your chin. That's it! 🪄

I have combination to oily skin, how do I brighten my complexion ? 

First of all, moisturise your skin with a light cream and then equip yourself with a mattifying base to regulate your skin's excess sebum.🤍

To even out your skin tone, use a light liquid foundation to work on the glow side of your skin. Then use a highlighter to structure your complexion on the top of your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose.


I have mature skin, how can I brighten my complexion ? 

Mature skin is often dull and lacks light, so it is important to brighten up your complexion. The glowy trend is perfect for you !

Use  a light cream or your usual anti-wrinkle cream to deeply moisturise your skin texture. Little tips 🤝: Aloe Vera gel is ideal for plumping the skin and illuminating the complexion. 

As for makeup, the golden rule is less is more! Use a liquid foundation to bring light to the skin while remaining natural. Then, lightly apply an illuminator to the top of the cheekbones and the bridge of the nose.


Avoir un teint éclatant naturellement ?: les tips de la Team Charlotte Bio 🦩

Il suffit de prendre soin de soi. Privilégiez une alimentation équilibrée, pratiquez du sport régulièrement et écoutez votre peau ! Si vous sentez que votre peau a besoin de respirer, laissez-la respirer. Si vous sentez que votre peau est déshydratée, hydratez-la en profondeur. Etc…

S'écouter reste le meilleur moyen pour prendre soin de sa peau et d’avoir une peau en bonne santé. 🥰

Des questions sur les techniques pour avoir un teint éclatant ? Notre équipe vous répond !

✅ À quelle fréquence doit-on hydrater sa peau ?

On aurait envie de vous dire tout le temps mais ce n’est pas la bonne réponse ! 

Chez Charlotte Bio, l’hydratation est très importante. Une peau déshydratée n’est pas forcément en bonne santé. On vous conseille alors d’hydrater votre peau matin et soir. Boire de l’eau régulièrement participe également à avoir une belle peau donc à vos gourdes ! 💦

✅ À quelle fréquence doit-on gommer sa peau et utiliser un masque hydratant ?

Nous vous conseillons de faire un gommage 1 à 2 fois par semaine. Pour ce qui est du masque hydratant, appliquez-le 1 fois par semaine et jusqu’à 2 fois si vous sentez que votre peau est déshydratée.

✅ Is it possible to erase your skin without using a mask afterwards?

Yes, it is quite possible if you do not necessarily have the time! However, you have to moisturize your skin well after exfoliating it. If you have 4 hours ahead of you then we advise you to leave a good mask on afterwards to take good care of your skin! 🧖🏻‍♀️

✅ Is it possible to use a moisturizing mask without having to erase your skin before?

Conversely, applying a mask without having to erase your skin is much less effective. Exfoliation eliminates dead cells, purifies the skin and prepares the skin. Without exfoliation, the skin is not as cleansed and the mask risks being much less effective!

✅ Is it possible to use a blush instead of the illuminator?

The blush and the illuminator do not have the same utility. The blush will brighten the complexion while the highlighter will illuminate to make the complexion glow. In addition, they are not applied to the same place! The blush is applied to the cheekbones, the temples and slightly on the nose, blending as much as possible, while the more illuminator you put on the better!