Applying your concealer

Types of complexion corrector 

🌱 Concealer

The concealer is available in 4 shades: Ivory, Nude, Shell Beige and Dark Beige. This one will camouflage dark circles by enhancing the eyes and rectifying the complexion. For an application on dark circles, we advise you to use a shade lighter than your skin tone. The area under the eyes is slightly lighter, so this should be taken into account when choosing your concealer. Check out our "How to choose your concealer" guide for more details 😉

Easy to apply thanks to its stick format, the Charlotte Bio concealer will also correct imperfections locally. It is important to opt for a shade that matches your skin tone for the most natural look.


🌱 Green corrector

The green corrector corrects redness locally. How does it actually work? The green colour of the corrector will oppose the red and therefore camouflage in one application the small redness of the skin.

If you want to conceal an imperfection, use the green concealer first, then apply the concealer of your skin colour. Hup, the imperfections are camouflaged!🪄

Prepare your skin before applying your concealer

1️⃣ Clean your skin well

Before applying your makeup, it is necessary to clean your face well so that your skin is clean. This step is crucial and will make the makeup easier!

We advise you to wash your face with our makeup remover gel and/or the milky water.💦


2️⃣ Apply a face cream

Once your skin is clean, you need to moisturise your skin. In order to nourish it properly, we recommend using a moisturiser. Applying a moisturising cream will make the makeup step easier for you. 


3️⃣ Put on a foundation

Charlotte's team advises you to use a foundation if you have combination to oily skin. To be applied after your moisturizer, it will blur small imperfections and unify the complexion. A small dab is enough to set your makeup all day! 👌🏽


Which applicator to choose for the complexion corrector?

🖌 The brush

Often used by the pros, the concealer brush has a rounded shape that allows for precise and even application. To make up dark circles, simply pick up the texture directly with the brush and blend it from the inside out. For imperfections, take a small amount of concealer and tap it onto the area to be covered up.

Little tips from Charlotte's Team 💁🏼♀️: remember to clean your brushes well once or twice a week!

🧽 The sponge or beauty-blender

Ideal for a natural look, the beauty blender will camouflage imperfections and dark circles to perfection! 

1st technique: Apply concealer or concealer directly to the area you want to camouflage, then tap with the sponge.

Technique 2: Put a little concealer on your hand, then use your beauty blender to pick up some material and apply it to the areas you want to cover.

It's important to clean your sponge well regularly to avoid small imperfections popping up without warning!


👋🏽 Fingers

This is the best way if you're not comfortable with a brush or sponge. However, it's not the most practical. Your fingers are covered in concealer...

But if you're more comfortable with this technique, we recommend applying concealer or concealer to the desired area first, then tapping with your fingers to blend the texture.


Team Charlotte's tips 🤝💖

✅ Faut-il mettre son correcteur avant ou après le fond de teint ?

Pour un teint parfait, nous vous conseillons d’appliquer le correcteur APRÈS avoir mis votre fluide de teint. Pour matifier le teint, utilisez ensuite la poudre matifiante Charlotte Bio.

Pour obtenir un teint parfait, le tuto c’est par ici 👈🏽

Appliquer son correcteur : les tips de la Team Charlotte Bio 🦩

How to use and apply your concealer?

Apply locally green concealer on your little redness of the face, then put your foundation fluid.

For the concealer step, take your concealerand drop it from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye. Then go down so that make a triangle below your eye. Blend with the aid of beauty blender. Abracadabra, Your dark circles will be camouflaged and this face area will be illuminated ! ✨

Our pro tips for a flawless complexion

Here is our tips for a successful application of your concealer and concealer:

  • It is necessary that select the correct coloranti-cernes. Always go to a shade lighter than your skin tone for illuminate the tired area before your eyes.

  • To make applying your concealer easier, don't underestimate hydration! A hydrated eye contour will reduce the appearance of dark circles et allow the texture of your concealer to fade well.

To avoid the mask effect, be sure to don't add a lot of texture. It might not be natural.

Questions about applying concealer? Our team answers you!

✅ How to get a natural look with a complexion corrector?

For a natural effect, make sure to take little texture. Then, blend effectively so that the corrector blends seamlessly into your skin.

Over to you awake look ! 👀

✅ Can the application of concealer alone be enough for a nice complexion?

Applying concealer will only correct the areas you want to camouflage. It is not intended to unify the complexion.

✅ Le correcteur de teint est-il efficace pour camoufler l’acné ?

Le correcteur de teint Charlotte Bio camoufle toutes sortes d’imperfections. Si vous avez de l’acné, il est tout à fait efficace. Nous vous conseillons également d’appliquer en amont le correcteur vert pour neutraliser les rougeurs et camoufler ensuite plus facilement les boutons. 🤝

La base de teint Charlotte Bio est également une super solution si vous avez la peau mixtes à grasse, elle va venir flouter les petites imperfections en amont. À appliquer juste après votre crème de jour !

✅ Comment fixer son correcteur de teint pour tenir toute la journée ?

Pour fixer le correcteur de teint jusqu’au bout de la nuit, nous vous recommandons d’appliquer une poudre matifiante qui fixera votre maquillage. Pour une plus longue durée, vous pouvez également opter pour une base de teint à mettre après votre crème de jour pour matifier le teint et fixer le makeup.

✅ Can the concealer be used as an eyeshadow base?

To fix your eyeshadow, it is quite possible to apply a little Charlotte Bio corrector on your eyelids to make it easier to apply eyeshadow and fix makeup.

✅ Is it possible to use concealer instead of highlighter?

It's not not the same use ! And corrector will come to correct the imperfections while a highlighter will illuminate certain areas of the face to highlight them. By applying the concealer instead of the illuminator, you will not have a glowing complexion at all as desired! 🙅🏻‍♀️