Makeup Tutorial 4️⃣ - A perfect makeup tutorial for Halloween 🎃👻

Our challenge with these 2' top chrono tutorials : show you and prove to you that with organic and natural makeup, you can achieve a result covering, precise, long lasting et efficient !

Out of inspiration for your make-up for Halloween ? Are you looking for ideas to make a simple make up, in the theme, without spreading yourself with white and black paint on the face which will leave you pimples? We have everything you need!

Marie, our make-up artist make up Salome, which you all know 🥰  with Charlotte Bio products, with the aim of obtaining makeup au top pour Halloween, super easy to make, and which will have its effect! And above all, organic, natural, and sensoriality, all at low prices!

Follow this tutorial step by step, step by step, and you will arrive at the same result ✌🏼 

In this video we talk about:

▶️ Base Foundation / Bio Fondant Primer

▶️ Organic foundation fluid, available in 15 shades

▶️ Compact powder, available in 4 shades

▶️ 2-in-1 eyebrow pencil (brush and pencil), available in 3 shades

▶️ Eye pencil, gold tint

▶️ Eye shadow palette, Cuivre Gold shade

To perform the black flower: 

▶️ Eye pencil, black tint

▶️ Eyeshadow palette, Smokey shade


▶ ️ From Perfect Curl Mascara

▶️ Black Felt eyeliner

For lips: 

▶️ Jumbo pencil, Purple shade

▶️ Eye pencil, black and white shade

See you soon for a new video!