Which BB cream to choose?

What is a BB cream?

Land's first ask what does the term "BB cream" mean? 🧐

The two B's mean Blemish Balm in English. In French it means baume anti-imperfections

To put it simply, the bb cream will come correct small imperfections on a daily basis while maintaining a natural look. 👌🏼

At Charlotte Bio, our bb cream is 5 in 1. It beautifies the skin, protects it and refines its texture. Finally, it will unify and mattify the complexion after its application.

Why choose an organic BB cream?

Unlike conventional bb creams, organic bb cream has a healthy and 100% natural composition. 🌿

Being in direct contact with your epidermis, you should definitely pay attention to its composition. By choosing Charlotte Bio bb cream, no controversial agent won't damage your skin.

We choose to offer you qualitative products to the composition clean. Certified Ecocert and cosmebio, our bb cream contains 99% ingredients of natural origin and 21% ingredients from organic farming. 🌱

Moreover, she is vegan and cruelty-free. Cela signifie qu'elle n'est pas composée d'ingrédients d'origine animale and ne subit pas de tests sur les animaux. 🐰

By choosing organic, you choose what is best for your skin!

Is our BB cream suitable for all skin types?

🌱 I have dry skin, is it suitable?

Composed mainly ofAloe Vera, the Charlotte Bio bb cream is coming deeply hydrate the epidermis even on the driest skin. 💧

 Over to you luminous rendering and the feeling of comfort ! ✨

🌱 I have oily skin, is it suitable?

Our bb cream is very malleable. She suitable for all skin types

If you have oily skin, don't panic! The Charlotte Bio bb cream will mattify et unify the complexion for a flawless skin. 🥰

🌱 I have skin sensible, is it appropriate?

For those with sensitive skin, you have made the right choice to turn to a organic bb cream et 100% natural. At Charlotte Bio, our bb cream is mainly composed of Aloe Vera. This ingredient has multiples properties notably soothing et softening. ☁️

Protecting the skin in particular from external aggressions, this bb cream has it all!

🌱 I have skin mature, is it appropriate?

Charlotte Bio bb cream is also suitable for mature skin. She will bring balance to your skin on the plumping and in lmoisturizer. Aloe Vera will act effectively against skin aging and the appearance of wrinkles. 🪴



What shade of BB cream to choose?

👋🏻 I have fair skin, what should I choose? If you have sensitive skin that reddens easily in the sun, no doubt about it, you have fair skin. 🤍 In this case, we recommend the Claire shade which will perfectly fit your eyelet. 👋🏽 I have dark/matte skin, what should I choose? If your skin is less sensitive to the sun and you are more likely to tan, consider you have dark to matte skin. 🧡🤎 Then opt for the Nude or Golden shade which will give you a fresh and glowing complexion!

Des questions sur notre BB crème bio ? Notre équipe vous répond !

✅ BB cream or foundation: what to choose from our range?

It all depends on the coverage you are looking for, if you want a light coverage so lean towards our foundation fluid. On the contrary, if you want a greater coverage, the bb cream is made for you!

In terms of texture, the BB cream will be creamier and thicker, while the foundation fluid will be more liquid and silkier.

Side composition, no debate, the two formulas are composed of 100% natural ingredients.

Find our guide hereHow to choose your foundation"and our guide"Foundation, BB cream or powder, what to choose?to help you in your choice.

✅ What is the coverage of our BB cream?

Charlotte Bio bb cream has a buildable coverage for a flawless complexion. Depending on the intensity and coverage you want, all you have to do is adjust the amount of product applied to your face.

It's perfect if you want hide your little imperfections in one app. 🧖‍♀️

✅ Does our BB cream make the skin luminous?

For luminous skin, choose the shade that suits your skin tone! Be careful, a shade that is too light or too dark will not inhance you.

By selecting the right shade, it's up to you teint of the head and the luminous skin ! ✨

✅ Is our BB cream suitable if you have acne?

Charlotte Bio bb cream matifies and evens out the complexion en diminishing the appearance of enlarged pores. All this without clogging them and respecting your skin. 🤍

✅ Notre BB crème a-t-elle un pouvoir anti-rougeurs ?

Grâce à sa texture couvrante, la bb crème va camoufler vos rougeurs et vos imperfections. Il vous suffira d’insister un petit peu sur les endroits que vous souhaitez camoufler de façon plus soutenue, et à vous le teint parfait !

Petite astuce : si vous avez des rougeurs persistantes, appliquez notre anti-rougeurs bio.

✅ Notre BB crème a-t-elle un indice SPF ?

Sans indice SPF, notre bb crème ne va pas protéger des rayons UV. 

Pour une protection optimale, nous vous conseillons d’appliquer une crème solaire sur le visage en amont. 😎☀️

✅ Notre BB crème a-t-elle des vertus anti-âge ?

Évidemment ! L’Aloe Vera que contient notre bb crème participe au renouvellement cellulaire et permet de renforcer l’élasticité de votre peau. En clair, elle agit contre le vieillissement de votre peau et réduit l’apparition des rides.

Alors, convaincu.e ? 🤩

✅ Is our BB cream free of controversial substances: aluminum, titanium dioxide, paraben, andc.? ?

We make every effort to offer you products with a healthy composition.

Charlotte organic bb cream does not contain any controversial substances and contains 100% ingredients of natural origin. 🌳💧

A shade perfect et clean, it's possible with our bb cream!

✅ Is our BB cream non-comedogenic?

Charlotte Bio bb cream is non-comedogenic, i.e. it does not clog pores to avoid the formation of comedones.

Your skin breathes 🍃 and you can say goodbye to imperfections. 👋🏽

✅ Is our BB cream fragrance-free?

Our bb cream contains a small amount of perfume to keep the pleasure of a pleasant scent when applying. Let yourself be intoxicated by the smell of iris and vanilla.💜🤍