Which makeup to choose according to my profile?

Do you want to switch to organic, pigmented vegan makeup that smells good but don't know which shades are best for your eye, hair or skin color?

Let's go for some tips with our favorite make-up artist, Justine.

(in red on the photo right here 👇🏼)


🤍Regardless of your hair, skin or eye color, the important thing when putting on makeup is to feel beautiful and highlight the parts of your face that you like best. Favor healthy products with an organic and natural composition to avoid clogging your pores, attacking and damaging it. As a reminder, all of our products are COSMOS ORGANIC certified by Ecocert and Cosmebio, and are cruelty-free. Want to know more ?

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🧖🏻‍♀️ Step 1: prepare your skin before makeup

Cleanse your skin well and moisturize it before proceeding to the makeup step. For this, favor the double cleansing   which will allow your skin to be beautiful throughout the day. Apply your natural Milky Water using a reusable cotton pad all over the face: enjoy its softness and its flowery scent. Then, lather your  Organic detox cleansing gel all over your face. Once rinsed, sponged and hydrated, your skin is ready to be made up.

💄 Step 2: a simple, effective and quick routine!

Start with your complexion by camouflaging your imperfections and dark circles using our Concealer stick available in 4 shades, as well as your redness thanks to our Organic green Anti-redness. Then, unify your complexion with our organic fluid foundation that adapts to all skin tones for a "bare skin" effect. You can warm up your complexion with a Blush or an organic bronzer, or opt for an illuminated complexion with our  Highlighter. Then, highlight your eyes with our eyebrow pencil made with coconut oil, available in 3 shades. Start by brushing your eyebrows, then, using the pencil, draw small lines following the natural direction of your hair growth, along the brow line. Once this step is done, lightly brush your eyebrows again to blend the material. You are ready to make up your eyes.

Tips n°1️⃣ : Define the shape of your eyes

👀 Round eyes need to be slimmed down, elongated and pointed upwards. How to ? Apply the lightest shadow from your palette to the corner of your eye to stretch and blend the colors for a nice layered down.

👀 You have almond eyes? Lucky! This is one of the easiest shapes to show off. To enhance them, simply apply a light color over the entire eyelid to the eyebrow. Then all you have to do is choose your favorite color to highlight your doe eyes!

👀 Are your eyes small enough? Enlarge your eyes with light to medium color eyeshadows. Opt for eye pencils or eyeliners to stretch your gaze. Black or colored, we offer more than ten references! To find out, it's here!

👀 On the contrary, to highlight big eyes, it is better to avoid light eyeshadows and favor medium or dark colors applied in the form of gradients. Better to avoid the pencil or the eyeliner so as not to weigh down the eyes.

👀 Are your eyes close together? Space them out visually with a light shadow at the inner corner of the eye and a dark shadow at the outer corner.

👀 On the contrary, to bring the eyes apart, apply a darker shadow over the entire eyelid and a line of colored pencil or eyeliner at the inner corner of the eye.

👀 For sunken eyes, it is recommended to apply a light color shadow to the mobile eyelid and not to insist too much on the mascara.

Tips n°2️⃣ : What color of eyeshadows according to the color of my eyes?

Regarding natural eyeshadows, the choice of colors depends mainly on your tastes as well as the desired effect. At Charlotte Bio, find 7 certified organic and natural palettes, made up of 4 eyeshadows with intense pigmentations and complementary colors for hellish make-ups! Copper colors, intense iridescence, pinkish tones, or darker for a more intense effect, discover the colors that best match your eye color.

🤎 ⭐️ The Essential Nude and Copper Gold  palettes are composed of 2 matte and 2 iridescent shades in copper, brown and gold tones. These shades go perfectly with brown and black eyes: they emphasize the look with warm and iridescent shades.

🌸💜 The Purple palette and its 4 rather light and rosy eyeshadows correspond to light and soft eye makeup. This palette is ideal when starting out in makeup or looking to highlight your eyes without overdoing it. It is great for green eyes as pink and green are complementary colors. Generally speaking, these shades are quite neutral and can suit any type of look. For a brighter makeup, draw a light stroke of felt eyeliner along your eye.

🌘🌿 The Smokey and Vegetal palettes are more intense and suit all eye colors. They are composed of 4 complementary eyeshadows to achieve a complete intense make-up. Thanks to its charcoal black and iridescent grey, highlight your eyes, no matter the color.

💐🍑 The Spring blossom palette smells like spring. Composed of 3 colored eyeshadows ranging from orange to purple through pink and an iridescent white will perfectly highlight your dark eyes. Quick tip: apply the white in the crease of your eye to brighten your eyes.

💖💫 Finally, the Glossy Glam palette is the perfect palette to highlight your clear eyes. 4 iridescent eyeshadows with intense pigmentation for a structured look and enhanced eyes.

Tip n°3️⃣ : Which makeup to apply according to my hair colour?

Which makeup for blonde hair? 👩🏼👱🏼

Blonde is a soft hair colour. It is therefore necessary that it is the same with your makeup. Unify your complexion with a organic liquid foundation , little covering for a bare skin effect, and enhance your complexion using a pigmented blush , coral or peach pink. For the eyes, prefer warm shades, like copper and gold thanks to the copper gold palette or the glossy glam palette. Your eyelashes tend to be quite fine and clear: the organic density mascara is for you. There are 4 colours that will suit you all.

Regarding lipsticks, go for nude and pastel colours for a soft effect, such as the nude lipstick or the rosewood one. Do you want strong makeup? Fall for the Poppy matte lipstick to highlight your smile, it will look great on you.

I have red hair; how do I wear makeup? 👩🏻‍🦰 🧑🏻‍🦰

Do you have red hair , fair skin and tend to blush as soon as the sun comes out on your nose? Here are our tips for applying makeup with red hair.

Once your complexion is unified using one of our liquid foundations for fair skin , warm your complexion up with a Sunny Highlighter or a pigmented blush , Peach Pink or Coral Pink depending on the desired effect. It will bring out the pretty colour of your hair. Attract the eye to your mouth thanks to bright and colourful hues like the Rouge Rosé organic matte lipstick or the Rose Girly one. For your look, choose more neutral shades such as champagne, beige, brown or taupe, present on the Purple palette and the nude palette < / span>. Intensify your gaze with a line of eye pencil , flush with the lashes. Then, use the Volume Mascara with a conical brush to expand your lashes.

Tip n°4️⃣: Apply makeup according to the colour of your skin.

I have fair skin, how do I wear makeup? 👩🏻‍🦱👩🏼

Do you have fair skin, tend to blush in the sun? Unify your complexion using one of the 6 shades from our liquid foundations for fair skin . Once this step is done, colour your cheekbones using a Blush , Coral Pink or Peach Pink. Fresh and natural rendering guaranteed. For the eyes, opt for iridescent eyeshadows in intense colours. Choose from our wide choice of 7 organic and pigmented eyeshadow palettes to sublimate your eyes. For the mascara, fill your eyelashes using the round brush of the Volume Mascara . For lips, opt for nude, or for the colour according to the desired effect. For a glossy effect, wear the champagne lip ink < / u> . Choose a powdery lipstick, like the rosewood or the nude for a natural effect or a Perfect red matte lipstick or the Rouge Rosé organic matte lipstick . Shades that are too dark tend to harden your face.

What makeup for medium to dark skin? 👱🏽‍♀️👩🏽

Your skin is medium; it is neither porcelain nor coffee and it is not exposed to the sun. You therefore have the choice among the colours of our Organic liquid foundations for medium skin to beautify your skin. Bring colour to your complexion with Pigmented blush, rosewood or pink brown which suit you particularly well. Sketch a smile and then apply it with a brush on the bulges of your cheeks.

To structure your face, choose the Organic bronzer which is very pigmented: the Copper and Bronze shades are perfectly suited for your skin colour. For your eyes, highlight them with bright colours like green, copper, rosé, which you can find on the palettes < u> vegetal , and glossy glam . Draw a light line of eye pencil , flush with the eyelash to highlight your eyes, in addition to the < span style = "color: # ffb6b1;"> Volume Mascara to expand your lashes while nourishing them thanks to its formula enriched with care. For the mouth, discover our Rosewood Jumbo pencil for an intense effect without skimping on comfort. You prefer the Lipstick format that fits in your handbag? The Organic matte Poppy lipstick and the Red currant one will suit you perfectly.

How do I apply makeup to my mixed or black skin? 👩🏿‍🦱🧑🏾

For your mixed to black skin, choose one of our 4 shades of Organic liquid foundation for dark skin , ranging from Caramel to Mocha. Once your complexion is done, bet on the light. Illuminate your face with a highlighter on the nose, cheekbone and below the eyebrow. You have skin rather mixed, sublimate it using the Organic Bronzer , Copper shade. Mineral Brown and Bronze shades match better with black skin. Dare a colourful look thanks to intense, rosy and copper hues. The shade glossy glam < / strong> will highlight your beautiful eyes. Add a line of dark eyeliner or eye pencil . For an intensified look, go for the Precision Mascara to unfold your lashes without bundles. Then, for your lips, use our matte lipsticks in intense colours such as Redcurrant and Burgundy which will suit you perfectly. Looking for shine? Discover the softness of our Garnet Red lip ink .