Organic, effective, and cheap makeup? It exists✅

You want to change your beauty routine and want to switch to organic and natural makeup but don't know which brand to choose?  You see many brands offering organic makeup and want to discern the true from the false? Don't want to be a victim of green-washing? Are you wondering how effective and quality products can be affordable? Operation decryption !  


🔎 You want quality products to take care of your skin without breaking the bank? It's possible ! One of our main commitments is to make organic beauty accessible to everyone. No more talk, we will tell you all about the secrets of organic makeup, quality and accessible.

"Organic is obviously expensive!" ▶ ️ a received idea! ✌🏼

Advertisers and major brands have noticed that many people want to consume in a more sustainable way: by turning to more sustainable consumption methods such as organic, vegan, ... They have thus allowed themselves to use terms to gild their image in terms of composition, production methods, relationship with individuals.

Using the term "artisanal" "made in" "authentic recipe" "eco-recharge" when they are not certified by independent labels and certifications have no meaning. However, this has allowed many companies to inflate their prices using these marketing arguments. Mistrust therefore concerning these products. Only independent certifications such as Ecocert and Cosmébio make it possible to ensure a healthy composition resulting from organic farming.

💡  Go HERE for an enlightened understanding of organic, vegan and cruelty-free labels

But don't worry, healthy products made from natural and organic ingredients, certified and labeled and affordable : it's possible. You just need to learn to recognize them well.

At Charlotte Bio, all of our products (Beauty / Make-up) are Ecocert, Cosmebio, Cruelty free and Vegan certified except for the primer made of beeswax.
How is it possible ? We will explain everything to you !

 Tips n °1️⃣ : Total control of the value chain 

When we think about the composition of our formulas, we focus on the origin and the quality of the raw materials and do everything to obtain the best ingredients at the right price. Thanks to our expertise, we control our supply costs and are able to offer cosmetic products made up of traceable ingredients. This allows us to ensure their quality, respect for workers and reduce our transport costs. In addition, we manufacture all of our products in Italy and France. We have chosen our partners for their expertise in the field of organic cosmetics but also for their location in order to ensure the quality of their work and working conditions. Thus, your baby cream or foundation is produced as close as possible to your home to reduce transport costs as well as our ecological footprint. Indeed, by producing locally and favoring short circuits as much as possible, this allows us to reduce our CO2 emissions. This also allows us better traceability of each ingredient in our products.

Tips n°2️⃣ : Innovation and our R&D experts replace all harmful agents with natural components, and reduce the list of ingredients!

Many agents present in conventional make-up come from petrochemicals. What does this term mean? Petrochemicals are the manufacture of synthetic chemical processes. This requires a lot of Research and Development and many complex processes based on ingredients created or derived from rare and distant materials such as petroleum to create materials, synthetic odors created from scratch. In addition to being dangerous for the environment and the people around by being suspected of being endocrine disruptors and being the source of cancer, these procedures are very expensive.

Organic cosmetics are satisfied with what nature offers to create ingredients (at least) as effective as organic makeup. Thus, the formulation is less expensive because it is “simply” derived from natural ingredients and does not require complex processes: favoring gentle processes. In addition, vegetable oils replace silicones and parabens and have many benefits for the skin: hydration, slowed oxidation ...

Cutting back on petrochemicals also means using fewer ingredients, only those needed, and saving economies of scale.

Tips n°3️⃣ :  Reducing our packaging

One of our main arguments is the drastic reduction of packaging. Our packaging is in recycled vegetable PE from sugar cane or recycled cardboard. We are also reducing overwrapping and banning plastic whenever possible. This has enabled us to reduce our waste by 5 tonnes since the creation of the company.

We do not offer samples in this same process. This allows us to reduce our impact on the environment and achieve economies of scale as packaging and overpacking can cost up to 20% of the selling price of the finished product.

Likewise, when sending our orders, we do not use recycled and recyclable components such as cardboard, recycled kraft or recycled PE as much as possible. In addition to being good for our planet, these components are less expensive.

Tips n°4️⃣ : Certifications to ensure product quality  

Before you can call makeup "organic", it must meet many conditions from strict specifications. One of them is Cosmebio, the benchmark organic and natural cosmetics label. This label was created in 2002 to compensate for the growing greenwashing. It makes it possible to distinguish at a glance which are truly natural or organic cosmetics.

Here are its guarantees:

A composition of at least 95% of ingredients of natural origin on the total of the product as well as 95% minimum of organic ingredients on all the plants and 10% minimum of organic ingredients on the total of the product. In addition to this, the Cosmebio label also guarantees the absence of ingredients harmful to health or the environment by banning processes that allow their existence. These important requirements cover the entire product life cycle:

  • The origin of raw materials, in order to encourage ethical and sustainable sourcing,

  • Through a gentle and non-polluting transformation process, numerous controls at the manufacturing level of the finished product (own composition, packaging, storage): imposing a separation of the different manufacturing processes, the establishment of storage areas separate to avoid errors, the establishment of a strict quality control system as well as the absence of animal testing.
    The COSMOS specifications also encourage the eco-design of packaging to minimize environmental impacts and preserve biodiversity. To do this, it plans to reduce the amount of materials used, and at the same time increase the amount of recycled and recyclable materials. Only a short list of permitted materials: wood, glass, aluminum, plastic (PE, PET, PP, PETG), cardboard, PLA and any 100% natural material. There are many prohibited materials: PVS, polystyrene, and all other chlorinated plastics containing styrene, as well as materials produced from GMOs.

And finally transparent labeling and responsible communication: requiring the presence of certification statements, the presence of percentages of natural and organic origin, and the indication in the INCI list of ingredients from Organic Farming.
The COSMOS specifications also provide for the establishment of a waste management plan to reduce, reuse and recycle its waste as well as a list of authorized cleaning and disinfection products.

Tips n°5️⃣ : Reduced margins and marketing costs

Our commitment is to offer the best for you, at an affordable price, while respecting all stakeholders. By opting for local production, we are socially committed to trusted players and guarantee them a fair salary. We also join forces with causes that are close to our hearts, such as supporting people with disabilities to help them integrate into professional life.

By making this choice, we have made the choice to reduce our margins. We also do not incur excessive advertising and marketing costs thanks to our amazing team who is able to perform feats to reduce our costs. 💪

And then our best spokespersons are you. By talking about our products to your loved ones, by sharing your looks on social networks, you are supporting a young local and ethical company.

All these small actions have big impacts and allow us to offer you quality cosmetics, certified organic and natural at an affordable price. Now that you know it, you are able to tell right from wrong and give your skin what it deserves: healthy, pigmented, smelling cosmetics. Go here to discover a wide choice of cheap organic makeup online !