How to choose the right concealer?

Short night or persistent fatigue? Here are some tips to determine which concealer to choose to restore radiance around your eyes. All while fading your dark circles for a natural rendering!

After reading our guide, you will know:

  • How to choose the color of your concealer?
  • What type of corrector should you opt for depending on the desired result?
  • Why opt for a greener formulation?

Choose your concealer according to the color of your dark circles

Before choosing the color of its concealer, it is necessary to define the color of its dark circles. They(because yes, we say "one" rings and not "one" circles ;))vary according to many factors. Indeed, fatigue, poor blood circulation, stress, hormonal changes or allergies can affect dark circles. They are present in different shades: black to brown, bluish to greenish or red to purplish. In order to cover as much as possible the signs of fatigue, your concealer must be very close to your skin torment. The eye area tends to be lighter than the rest of your face, so it's best to choose a lighter shade than your complexion.

🌱 Black to brown dark circles

Black to brown dark circles are the most difficult to camouflage. Indeed, they are very pigmented and can sometimes ruin your life. To hide them, it is enough to use an anti dark circle based on orange pigments that are found in the subtones of ivories, beiges or peaches. After having faded it well, you can say goodbye to your dark circles!

🌱 Bluish to Greenish Dark circles

For bluish or greenish dark circles, lean towards correctors containing red and pinkish pigments. These pigments will reduce the signs of fatigue by neutralizing this blue and cold effect. If you don't have concealers on hand after a long hectic night, don't panic! You can use a red lipstick (yes, yes, you heard right)that will be perfect for camouflaging your dark circles. 

🌱 Purplish to Red Dark circles

Purplish to red dark circles can be attenuated using yellow pigments. These pigments are present in the lightest shades. They will neutralize the purple/red effect of your dark circles in the blink of an eye. By applying the right concealer, you can say goodbye to the signs of fatigue!

Choose your concealer according to its carnation

After identifying the color of your dark circles, you must absolutely identify your carnation. A concealer that is far too light or too dark can quickly become a"makeup faux pas". We recommend that you choose a shade slightly lighter than that of your skin color in order to achieve the most natural rendering>

1️ ⃣ Light skin

If you have sun-sensitive skin and blush easily,you have fair skin. Opt for pale shades that will blend more easily into your makeup. These nuances will allow you to hide your signs of fatigue while illuminating your gaze. At Charlotte Bio, for example, our concealers suitable for light skin are ivory and Nudeshades. They make it possible to camouflage dark circles for a fresh and natural rendering.

2️ ⃣ Dark skins

If you rarely get sunburn and your skin tolerates the sun well, you have matte to dark skin. These skin types require more orange shades that will better camouflage everyday imperfections. Our Shell and Honey Beige shades at Charlotte Bio are, then, perfect for you!

3️ ⃣   Black skin

You sunbathe less easily and you have very little sensitivity to the sun? You have dark to black skin. In order to camouflage your signs of fatigue, opt for dark colors referring to brown hues. These nuances will ensure you a radiant look!


1️⃣ L’anti-cernes liquide

Liquid concealer is usually accompanied by a foam tip for precise application. The fluid texture unifies in lightness for a luminous and matte finish with a modular coverage . This texture is perfect for less pronounced dark circles. Liquid concealers are ideal for dry and mature skin , they will ensure perfect coverage while respecting the skin texture. Be careful though to blend it well for a 100% natural look!

2️⃣ The stick concealer

For a natural result , the stick concealer is ideal. Its format is perfect for carrying out targeted touch-ups during the day. It applies precisely and fades directly to the finger. Thanks to its small size, it can be taken everywhere with you, in a bag or in a toiletry bag. Our Charlotte Bio stick concealer adapts to all skin types thanks to its creamy and moisturizing texture .

3️⃣ Powder concealer

Rarer, the powder concealer adapts perfectly to oily skin . It has a mattifying role allowing to smooth and camouflage shine linked to an excess of sebum. Just add a small amount of powder and remove with a concealer brush . Be careful to remove the excess by tapping the brush. There you go, you have a perfect complexion!

Team Charlotte's tips 🤝💖

How to choose your concealer? ✌🏼

It depends on your skin, its texture, your complexion, the finish and the coverage you want...

Marie, notre make-up artist answers this question and explains to you which shade to turn to depending on your skin tone, and also the color of your veins!

Charlotte Bio tip: How to choose your concealer online? 🔍

1️⃣ Know what type of concealer you are looking for 📃

Choosing makeup online is not always easy, it is essential to check the brand's certifications and labels , then to analyse the composition and product characteristics.

To best camouflage the signs of fatigue, the important thing is to choose the right colour and the right texture. The shade of the concealer should be close to your skin tone. As the eye area tends to be lighter than the skin colour, choose a slightly lighter shade for a luminous and natural effect.

Regarding the texture, it depends on the degree of concealing and the desired effect . For very marked dark circles, the stick format allows optimal coverage and precise application. Its creamy texture does not mark fine lines and leaves a natural satin finish. It therefore corresponds to all types of dark circles, whether they are marked or more discreet.

For maximum coverage, opt for the cream format that promises a flawless complexion.

Finally, for more discreet dark circles, lean towards the liquid format for a natural look!

For more information on labels and how to understand them, check our dedicated guide HERE .

2️⃣ Pay attention to the formulation of the concealer ❌

To ensure that the composition of a concealer is clean, you must pay attention to the labels , its certifications and the tests carried out before the product is put on sale. Conventional concealers contain chemical minerals and preservatives , which are in contact with your mucous membranes, and which can, in the long term, damage your eyes.

Our Charlotte Bio concealers have undergone several tests to guarantee the highest quality and the greatest safety in their use. All our concealers have been developed under dermatological control and ophthalmological control. They are hypoallergenic , and contain only natural components that are gentle on the eyes.

3️⃣ Charlotte Bio’s promises ✅

Please note that our concealer is certified organic by Ecocert and labeled Cosmebio . The little extra? It is vegan and cruelty-free , this means that no ingredients are of animal origin and that the product is not tested on animals.

Made of 100% natural ingredients and 35% organic ingredients , this concealer’s formulation is as good for you than it is for the planet. Discover the “magic” ingredients that make it up:

🎋 Jojoba Oil: this oil has nourishing , protective, re-balancing, and softening actions. Allowing to calm redness and irritations, it will protect the skin from daily external aggressions. Thanks to its hydrolipidic film, Jojoba oil also has an excellent anti-aging effect. It will reduce wrinkles by densifying the dermal tissue of your skin!

🎋 Apricot kernel: Thanks to its nourishing , revitalizing and regenerating virtues, it will help the skin to regain its elasticity. Perfect for mature skin, it is toning and firming. The little extra? The apricot kernel is an emollient and anti-inflammatory ! ;)

🎋 Castor Seed Oil: This oil effectively treats skin problems , such as sunburn, acne, dry skin and stretch marks. It will penetrate the epidermis deeply to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. This means that the castor seed oil will soften and moisturize the skin for smoother and more supple skin.

Choosing a concealer: the 6 most asked questions

✅ Why turn to an organic concealer?

The eyes are a very sensitive area of our face; you have to be careful with the products you use. By opting for organic makeup, you are offering what is best for your skin and your mucous membranes. The active ingredients in organic formulas are assimilated by the skin without attacking or obstructing it. Our organic concealer is formulated from natural and pure ingredients such as waxes and vegetable oils . These ingredients respect your skin and the planet and replace all chemical and synthetic components.

Good for your skin and for the planet, organic and vegan products are subject to very strict specifications . These regulations make it possible to obtain independent certifications, such as Ecocert and Cosmebio , which guarantee a natural and quality composition .

Charlotte Bio’s concealer is made from 100% natural ingredients and 35% organic ingredients , so it is safe for your skin and for the planet . The little extras? A pleasant application , a natural look, and optimal coverage . The perfect concealer to hide all your blemishes!

✅ I am looking for a very covering concealer, what should I choose?

If you want optimal coverage , go for creamy formulas. Thanks to its cream texture and its stick format, Charlotte Bio’s concealer covers your blemishes in one application. This format saves material by applying the amount you want where you want! Isn't life beautiful?

✅ Can concealer also be moisturizing?

Very good question! It all depends on its composition , some ingredients will have nourishing and moisturizing properties. For example, Charlotte Bio’s concealer is made with Jojoba Oil, Apricot Kernels, and Castor Oil which have nourishing virtues. Get ready to have a moisturized and luminous eye area!

✅ Is it possible to use concealer as an eyeshadow?

Absolutely! The concealer can be used as a primer, before applying your favourite eyeshadow. This will allow the colour to be brighter and ensure a long-lasting hold. Beautiful makeup even at the end of the day? You can with our Charlotte Bio organic concealer.

✅ Can concealer also hide puffiness?

Do concealers and puffiness go together? Bags under the eyes are like swelling. To camouflage them, apply your concealer in the dark hollow of your eye area. Your dark circles will be reduced for a luminous and natural effect. Say goodbye to tired eyes!

✅ What is the difference between a concealer and an anti-redness?

The anti-redness aims to camouflage everyday blemishes. It usually has a thicker texture to hide small pimples or redness. Apply before your liquid foundation or powder. Go for a flawless complexion!

As for the concealer , it allows you to erase signs of fatigue present around your eye area. A smoother texture is recommended in order to blend in with small fine lines and to hide them well. Choose a shade lighter than your skin tone to brighten up your pretty eyes. Apply concealer with your finger or with a concealer brush. There you go! You are radiant.

Please note that at Charlotte Bio, we have chosen to formulate our concealer to make it perfectly effective. Thanks to its fluid texture and its stick format , it can hide blemishes as well as hiding your signs of fatigue ! ;)