Freshness or softness, the choice is yours!

    Organic and vegan makeup removers

    The secret to beautiful makeup is cleansing and taking care of your skin, we will never say it enough!
    As each woman is different, we have chosen to offer two makeup removers. The choice is yours 😍


    2 products

    2 products

    An organic and natural makeup remover 🌿

    To take care of your skin, opt for an organic and natural makeup remover . Each of the ingredients is selected with care for its properties which want good for your skin .

    floral waters like sage water are known for their purifying properties for the skin. The Ginseng , meanwhile, allows to help improve the appearance of all skin types .

    The little extra? Our two makeup removers are packaged in Vegetable PE from Sugar Cane bottles: no more plastic!

    A quality and affordable makeup remover

    Formulated with care and with the best ingredients that nature offers us, our organic makeup removers are at low price . Thanks to their capacity of 150 ML, you can remove makeup everyday for several months for less than 8 €. Who said organic was only for the rich?

    A vegan and cruelty-free makeup remover 🐰

    We love animals a lot and refuse their exploitation . Thus, our natural makeup removers are certified vegan and Cruelty-free . This means that no ingredients are of animal origin or their exploitation and that no testing occurs on them.

    How to properly use an organic makeup remover?

    The use will depend on the product: one does not rinse, the other does. Explanations.

    👉 Using the detox cleansing gel :

    Apply our detox cleansing gel on your entire face in the morning to cleanse your skin of the impurities accumulated throughout the day. Then, lather the gel all over the face for deeply purified and cleansed skin. Don't forget the neck! Once the product is applied everywhere, rinse with clear, lukewarm water. Finally, apply a moisturizer of your choice, not forgetting the eye area which is the driest area of your face. &

    👉 Use of the milky water cleanser

    Using a reusable cotton pad, remove makeup from your eyes with our milky water cleanser . Apply well to the eyes, making small, gentle circles to remove all makeup in the evening, or to wake up the skin in the morning. Once the milky water cleanser has completely penetrated your skin, you can move on to the next step, moisturizing , as much in the morning before makeup, as in the evening before going to sleep! < / p>

    Your skin is thus clean and cleansed , and it smells divinely good! 🌸

    The little tip of the Charlotte team? Cleanse your skin with the detox cleansing gel , in the shower in the morning for a“ boost ”effect, then, to remove makeup in the evening with the milky water cleanser and a cotton pad makeup remover for a real moment of softness and relaxation before going to sleep.

    The 8 most asked questions about our organic makeup removers

    Why choose organic for my makeup remover?

    Every day, your skin accumulates numerous attacks. The makeup removal step is therefore an essential step in your daily beauty routine. The purpose of makeup remover is to cleanse all impurities and makeup that has accumulated on our skin during the day. It penetrates the pores, and it is very important to be careful what you apply as a makeup remover on your face. Like makeup, organic skincare products are approved by independent labels such as Ecocert and Cosmebio . This guarantees a composition of at least 95% natural ingredients, and 20% ingredients from organic farming. In addition, many synthetic chemicals are excluded, as are parabens.
    Opting for a organic natural makeup remover allows you to avoid exposing your skin to toxins and aggressive petrochemicals that can cause unwanted side effects in the long term, and to take care of it gently, without neglecting effectiveness.

    Assaulting your skin daily with a cleansing milk or conventional micellar water based on surfactants is dangerous both for you and for the environment. In addition, they are aggressive for your skin and tend to strip, in addition to impurities, the hydrolipidic barrier of your skin. Your skin becomes fragile, dry, and irritated, and above all permeable to toxic substances. Avoid this by favouring gentle ingredients and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes . & nbsp;

    Finally regain the power of the products that you apply to your skin by favouring an organic makeup remover . Also effective on dry, combination to oily skin , sensitive to mature, organic makeup remover is very pleasant to use . Thanks to natural floral waters and extracts of perennial plants such as Ginseng, your skin is cleansed , non oxidized and embellished . Make no mistakes, the organic makeup remover also cleanses waterproof makeup !

    What type of organic makeup remover to choose?

    For your makeup removal routine, it all depends on your habits and desires.

    Discover the softness of the milky water cleanser to be applied on a reusable cotton pad to cleanse and remove makeup from your face, mouth and eyes. Without rinsing , this milky water cleanser soothes and protects your skin. The latter is softened, and its shine is improved.

    Do you prefer the freshness of water ? Apply a nut of the detox cleansing gel on the back of your hand and lather with clear water all over your face. Massage using circular motions. Once rinsed, impurities are eliminated , your pores are tightened and excess sebum is eliminated . Your skin breathes and is toned!

    Prefer double cleaning if you feel the need, your skin will be radiant and protected . Fall for your makeup removal routine for less than 15 € !

    Are your organic makeup removers suitable for sensitive skin?

    Our natural organic makeup removers are ideal for sensitive skin thanks to their composition with more than 98% of natural ingredients. Looking for an organic sensitive eye makeup remover ? Our 2 organic makeup removers are tested under dermatological and ophthalmological control , you can use them without thinking twice!

    What are the benefits of organic makeup remover for my skin?

    Our organic eye and face makeup removers bring freshness and softness to your skin. Unlike conventional cleansing milks, our milky water cleanser combines with the freshness of water and thus does not stick or leave a greasy finish . Once cleansed, your skin is fresh , but also soothed and protected . It is suitable for all skin types thanks to its Sage Water content, known for its regenerating properties which control sebum production.

    The natural organic detox cleansing gel is perfect for combination to oily skin . Very gently, it eliminates impurities and tightens the pores in addition to eliminating excess sebum . Thanks to its Ginseng content, your skin is energized , its radiance is improved . Once rinsed , your skin is soft and does not tighten.

    What natural ingredients are your makeup removers made from?

    Our makeup removers are made from more than 98% natural ingredients . The main components are: sage water , ginseng , floral waters , natural perfumes

    Can your organic makeup removers be used for the eyes?

    Our natural makeup removers are suitable for cleaning and removing makeup from the whole face , including the eyes . They have been tested under dermatological control and ophthalmological control. They are therefore completely harmless to the eyes and will even be effective for waterproof makeup removal.

    Can I use your makeup removers as a cleanser for my skin?

    Our organic sensitive skin cleansers are perfectly suited to cleanse the skin on a daily basis , regardless of the skin type. The organic detox cleansing gel will be totally suitable for a deep cleansing in the shower , or with a little water, in the evening before going to sleep, for example. If you have sensitive skin, choose my milky water cleanser which will be softer , and which will gently cleanse your skin.

    Are your organic makeup removers effective on waterproof makeup?

    In search of a natural waterproof makeup remover, our products are effective on conventional waterproof makeup . Apply your milky water cleanser on a cotton pad and delicately insist on waterproof makeup.