Our background, our brand

Our belief

Charlotte Bio was born in 2015 out of the conviction to breathe a new organic in the world of hygiene and beauty.

An organic for all women, which is more sensory, more accessible, more chic, and more beautiful!

Charlotte Bio is the story of multiple encounters and it is above all a story of wishes, convictions, and intuitions.

Today, Stéphane, the founding president, spotter of fashion trends, passionate about design, contemporary art and architecture, and Marjorie, his associate, cosmetics’ expert for more than 15 years, in love with nature and little pleasures collector, endeavour every day to push the boundaries to offer an uncompromising product range.

We leave nothing to chance: the choice of our ingredients, the tolerance and performance of our formulas, our eco-friendly packagings, the unique perfume and design you love so much ;)

Our work ethic is to permanently operate looking accurately, and always in a logic of sincerity, common sense, and transparency.

We create responsible, 100% natural and vegan make-up and care products at the discretion of our wishes, our inspirations, and your needs, always with the same will to offer you the best at the best price.

Why Charlotte?

At the beginning, Charlotte is a little girl who inspired the creation of organic care for each and every baby.

Charlotte is also such a timeless name it represents femininity.

Charlotte is feminine, generous, in love, knowing, engaged, bold, responsible, and passionate. She’s 18, 30, 40, 50… We are all Charlotte.


Actresses, singers, novelists, poets, architects, grandmas, friends, best pals, famous and less famous, many Charlotte’s form our pantheon and inspire us day after day.

Charlotte is thus a state of mind, a big open house where creativity flows at all times. In our offices in Normandy we dream, we draw, we create, we get inspired, we develop, we debate, we exchange, we sweat and all of that with lots of love and passion!

And we listen to you, your enthusiasm makes us grow, stimulates us, motivates us to always go further…

The adventure is only at its beginnings, by your side. Thank you.

📺 Charlotte Bio: our choices, our meetings, our evolution

This passionate and constructive 3-voice exchange between Louise Aubery ( @mybetterself ) and Marjorie and Stéphane , the founders of Charlotte Bio, was an opportunity for them to come back to the adventure of Charlotte Bio , the choices , decisions and others accidents of course that shaped in a very short time a leader in organic makeup on the French market .