How to make up your eyebrows?

Define your eyebrow line

It is imperative that your eyebrow line that is defined before drawing your eyebrows. 

If you want a fthewless eyebrow line, nothing bandter than wax them regutherly to keep in good shape. However, if you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself, hire a professional esthandician. 😉

Make up your eyebrows well with a pencil

🌱 Draw your eyebrows

This will allow to to correct et define a perfect curve

A little extra: if you want to hide the history of a failed hair remoandl, remember to draw your eyebrows well before filling them in! 

🌱 Fill in her eyebrows

Say goodbye to small holes and imperfections in your eyebrows! Thanks to a pencil a shade lighter than the color as your eyebrows, come to fill in la head of your eyebrows i.e. the interior. Then, gand a slightly darker pencil than the natural shade of your eyebrows and come fill the queue, that is, the outside of the eyebrow.

🌱 Brush your eyebrows

Finally, brush your eyebrows to spread texture pencil. For widen the eye, comb your eyebrows to the top to adopt the technique "brow lamination". 

Hop, the turn is played... Your eyebrows are gorgeous! 🪞


Make up your eyebrows according to their color

👩🏼 How to make up blond eyebrows?

No step should be overlooked! Draw your eyebrow line will allow good define your curve. The to fill in va thicken your eyebrows for structure your gaze. Finally, the brush will allow towiden the gaze and highlight your light eyebrows.

We advise you to use a pencil of the same color as your eyebrows for the head i.e. the interior. Then, make the tail of your eyebrows with a slightly darker pencil. At Charlotte Bio, we recommend the crayon Blond et Dark blond. 👌🏼

Avoid too dark a shade to avoid contrast and superficiality.

👩🏾 How to make up black eyebrows?

The more you have dark eyebrows, the more your small hairs will tend to show each other. It is necessary that take care of your eyebrow line for a professional result!

We advise you to use a dark pencil shade so as not to lighten your eyebrows and lock in your gaze. the eyebrow pencil Brown will suit you perfectly! 👌🏾

👩🏻‍🦰 How to make up red eyebrows?

If you are roux.sse, you have to define the color of your eyebrows. 👩🏻‍🦰

They can be strawberry blond, red or chestnut. If you have red eyebrows, find a shade light enough to structure your eyebrow line and apply it to fill them in.

the crayon Blond will then be perfect for you!

Make up your eyebrows according to their nature

Take care to define your eyebrow line then come the to fill in in order to restructure totally your eyebrows. To you look highlighted!

🌈 How to make up thick eyebrows?

Perfect for structure the look, thick eyebrows should be handled with care. It is important to well define the bottom line of your eyebrowss to avoid the neglected effect. Fill afterwards the holes in your eyebrow line then comb good your eyebrows. 👀

🌈 How to make up eyebrows that are too thin?

The thin eyebrows are going open your eyes and bring a more feminine side. However, it is not always easy to apply makeup when you have a thin eyebrow line.

After having made up your complexion, we advise you to remove the texture of your foundation / bb cream or powder from your eyebrows so as not to hide the hairs. To give an illusion effect, make up your eyebrows with the pencil in drawing the hairs upwards to give a thicker effect.

Finally, to look away, we advise you to make up your mouth.

Abracadabra, we no longer see your thin eyebrows! 🧚🏻‍♂️



Comment maquiller ses sourcils naturellement ?

Lorsque vous définissez votre ligne de sourcils, ne vous éloignez pas trop de votre forme initiale pour garder un look naturel

Cela évitera les sourcils trop dessinés et le côté too much qui enfermera alors votre regard.

Des questions sur le maquillage des sourcils ? Notre équipe vous répond !

✅ Est-il possible de maquiller ses sourcils avec du fard à paupières ?

Il est tout à fait possible de maquiller vos sourcils au fard à paupières châtain ou brun. Cependant, il est impératif de définir la ligne de sourcils en amont pour bien structurer votre regard. 😉

✅ Comment maquiller ses sourcils rapidement ?

Si vous souhaitez seulement combler vos petits trous rapidement, utilisez le crayon à sourcils Charlotte Bio, en dessinant des petits traits dans le sens de pousse de vos poils. 20 secondes, top chrono !

✅ Can the eye pencil be used to make up the eyebrows?

We advise you to use an eyebrow pencil which will be more suitable than an eye pencil to draw the eyebrows. The eye pencil is good fatter, and may not blend in properly with your body hair. In addition, they are generally not developed to match perfectly with the colors of the eyebrows, so pay attention to the demarcation!

In addition, the Charlotte Bio eyebrow pencil has a brush on the other end to finalize the makeup of the eyebrows: a very important step!

✅ Is it possible to apply make-up to grey or white eyebrows? If you have grey or white eyebrows, we advise you to make them up according to your skin tone. If you have a pale complexion, opt for the Blond pencil. If you have a tanner complexion, go for the Chestnut shade. And if you have darker skin, the Brown pencil is for you. It will highlight your eyes in a few seconds.