How to choose my foundation?

Choose a foundation : our tips !

Choosing a foundation: the Charlotte Bio tip
How to choose exactly the right shade among the 15 shades of Charlotte Bio fluid foundation? Here are some tips, specially concocted for you by the Team.

1️⃣ Know your skin tone:
- Claire
- Medium
- Matte

2️⃣ Define your undertone (pink, gold or neutral). For this, several techniques are possible:
Option 1: Look at the veins on her wrist.
If they are in greenish tones, your complexion is golden. On the contrary, if they are blue-mauve, your complexion is rosy.
Option 2: Skin color.
If you tan easily, your complexion is golden, and if you blush easily, your complexion is rosy.
Option 3: The color of your cheeks.
Without makeup, are your cheeks rather golden or rosy?


Don't worry if you find yourself in both definitions: you have neutral undertones.


And then it's simple:
🌸 Pink undertones> Porcelain, Shell, Peach Beige or Rosé Beige (depending on your skin tone)
🌾 Neutral undertones> Natural Ivory, Natural Nude, Natural Beige, Sand Beige or Caramel shades (depending on your skin tone)
🌻 Golden undertones> Honey Biege, Golden beige, Sun beige, Golden caramel, Cocoa or Mocha shades (depending on your skin tone)