Apply your foundation


Prepare your skin before applying your fondation

To easily work the texture of a foundation, it is imperative that your skin is well washed, exfoliated and moisturised. Wash your skin with our make-up remover gel  or our eau lactée. Then use the Charlotte Bio scrub to remove dead skin cells and smooth the skin gently. Finally, apply a moisturiser to deeply nourish your skin and use a foundation to mattify the complexion and improve the hold of the foundation fluid. 👌🏼

If you have very dry skin, we recommend mixing your moisturiser and foundation fluid to make the texture easier to apply.

What to put on before foundation ?

🌱 Should you put on a base before your foundation ? 

If you have combination to oily skin, we recommend applying a mattifying foundation. Charlotte Bio foundation will smooth and mattify the complexion while hiding pores. 

It will also allow a better makeup hold. 

🌱 Is the concealer applied before or after the foundation ? 

We recommend applying your concealer and concealer after your foundation fluid. The foundation fluid will even out your complexion and bring light to it. You can then camouflage your dark circles more easily afterwards, thanks to your concealer.

🌱When to put on the complexion corrector ?

The concealer should also be applied after the foundation fluid to perfectly correct any small imperfections. 🥰

Which foundation applicator to choose ?

1️⃣ The brush 

The brush is still the most suitable applicator if you want a clean finish without smudging. 🖌

Remember to wash your brushes regularly to avoid small imperfections appearing on your face! We recommend cleaning your brush with clear water and soap once a week. 

On the other hand, the brush option requires a little mastery and if you are new to makeup or not super comfortable, then the beauty blender or your fingers will be more suitable!

2️⃣ The sponge or the beauty blender 

The beauty blender will spread the material in a more natural way,for a glowy look. ✨

We advise you to use several beauty blenders: a bigger one for the forehead, cheeks and chin, and a smaller one for the wings of the nose, the eye and mouth contours.

3️⃣ The fingers

If you feel more comfortable using your fingers and don't put on much material, we recommend applying your foundation with your fingers. 👋🏽

Be aware, however, that this technique has its advantages and disadvantages: it is appropriate for beginners or those who have not mastered the application with a brush or beauty blender, and for those who apply very little product and want a very natural look. On the other hand, if you want a sophisticated look and want to apply a larger amount of product, beware of applying it with your fingers, as it may not give you an even finish.

Apply your fluid foundation according to your chosen method 

🖌 How to apply your foundation with a brush

Apply a little bit of material on your hand, then use a special flat foundation brush. Pick up a little foundation fluid, stretching the material from the inside out for full coverage, in just a few brush strokes.

🧽 How do you apply your foundation with a sponge or a beauty-blender ?

Lightly dampen your sponge to set the material. 🧽 

This will spread the material evenly in the so-called "difficult" areas, i.e. the wings of the nose, the eye contour and the mouth. 

Put a dab of foundation fluid on the back of your hand and use the beauty blender to pick up some texture. Pat on your face from the inside out to make up your entire face.

🤲🏻 How to apply your foundation with your fingers ? 

Make sure your hands are washed and clean in order to apply your foundation. Scoop out a little bit of material so that you have a small dab of foundation fluid in the palm of your hand. Warm the material in your hands and spread it from the centre of your face to the outside, taking your time to ensure that the layer of foundation fluid is evenly distributed over your face.

 Wash your hands and you're done! 🤲🏻

Appliquer son fond de teint liquide : les tips de la Team Charlotte Bio 🦩

How to properly apply your liquid foundation?

Regardless of the means used to apply your foundation fluid, you must always stretch it from the inside out. Do not apply too much material to avoid the "mask" effect and take a single hazelnut.

Our pro tips for a natural complexion

For a natural complexion, avoid putting too much material at the risk of having a superficial rendering. Spread the texture well so that it is well applied all over the face. think about yourself make up the neck to avoid nasty traces!

For more precision, we advise you to apply your foundation using a brush or a sponge.

A little advice so that your complexion is perfect until the end of the day : apply a foundation before applying your foundation fluid and use powder to mattify your complexion.

Questions about foundation application? Our team answers you!

✅ Comment mettre du fond de teint sans trace ?

Pour éviter les traces, il faut tout d’abord mettre peu de matière. Une noisette de fond de teint suffit pour maquiller votre visage. Attention à bien hydrater votre peau pour éviter les sécheresses. Cela pourrait marquer les traces de déshydratation et ne pas être naturel.

✅ Peut-on mettre de l’anti-cernes sans fond de teint ?

Si vous souhaitez seulement camoufler quelques petites imperfections, munissez-vous seulement de votre anti-cernes ou de votre correcteur.

Toutefois, si vous souhaitez un teint unifié, nous vous conseillons d’appliquer un fond de teint et/ou une poudre !

✅ Comment appliquer du fond de teint sur une peau noire ?

Choisissez un fond de teint adapté à la couleur de votre peau. Chez Charlotte Bio, nous avons 15 teintes différentes de la plus claire à la foncée.  👩🏾‍🦱  👧🏽  👩🏾

Puis, appliquez-le grâce à l’applicateur de votre choix.

✅ Faut-il mettre du fond de teint sur les paupières ?

Afin que le teint soit unifié, il faut étaler votre fluide de teint de façon homogène sur votre visage,  même sur vos paupières !

✅ Can concealer replace foundation?

The corrector's role is to hide small imperfections locally, so it will not replace foundation. If you want an unified complexion, then apply your foundation in addition.

✅ How to set your foundation to last all day?

If you want your complexion to be perfect until the end of the night 👯‍♀️ , we advise you to apply a foundation after your moisturizer to mattify the skin et hold makeup. Think well powder your face after applying foundation, with a view to mattify the complexion and that your make-up lasts all day!