Discover our 15 shades of foundation!

    Organic and Vegan Liquid Foundation

    Discover our 100% natural, organic and vegan liquid foundations 🌿.
    A foundation with adjustable coverage,
    which lets the skin breathe and which will suit all skin tones!

    3 products

    3 products

    Team Charlotte's tips 🤝💖

    How do I choose my foundation shade? Skin tones, shades, finish... So many things to consider to avoid ending up with an orange complexion or, conversely, a whitish one! Marie, our make-up artist, answers this question and explains how to choose the perfect shade of organic fluid foundation!

    An organic, natural, and mineral foundation 🌿

    Our organic liquid foundation is made from 100% natural ingredients and 25% organic ingredients. Aloe vera and magnolia bark extract are the star ingredients of our natural mineral foundation which is certified Ecocert and labelled Cosmebio.

    A quality and affordable foundation 🤝

    Our goal? To make quality organic makeup accessible to everyone. Aloe vera, magnolia bark extract & hellip; The ingredients that make up our foundation have been rigorously selected. Respectful of your skin and of the environment, they give you a perfect finish and hold. Indulge yourself at a low price and adopt our natural foundation, it will quickly become one of your essentials .

    A vegan and cruelty-free foundation 🐰

    Our liquid foundation is guaranteed without animal material (vegan) . And, like the rest of our products, please know that it is not tested on animals (cruelty-free) . Made in northern Italy, it is proof that organic and engaged beauty can also be accessible .

    Charlotte Bio's Team's tips

    Which foundation colour to choose?

    Our liquid foundation is available in 15 shades ranging from Porcelain to Moka .

    To find your ideal shade, take a good look at your complexion (light, medium, matte complexion) and your skin tones (is it pink, golden, or neutral?).

    The colour of your veins (yes, yes!) is also important in the choice of your foundation. Are they rather green? Better to turn to a golden liquid foundation. Are they purple / bluish? A rosy organic foundation is preferred.

    You hesitate between 2 shades?

    Do not hesitate to consult our guide " How to choose your foundation »which will guide you in your choice.


    How do I apply my foundation?

    👉 To apply our organic foundation, apply a little amount of the product on the back of your hand .

    👉 Then, using a brush , a makeup sponge or simply your finger , apply it to your whole face , starting from the center outwards .

    👉 You can put a little more product on certain areas of your face (wings of the nose & hellip;) to even out your complexion .

    The 9 most asked questions about our organic liquid foundation

    Why choose organic for my foundation?

    Opting for organic means preserving the health and beauty of your skin without attacking it with harmful chemical components. At Charlotte Bio, offering products made from 100% natural ingredients and 25% organic ingredients is obvious, a personal commitment. Our products, including our liquid foundation, are Ecocert certified and labelled Cosmebio .

    Is the fluid texture right for my skin?

    Before choosing your foundation, you should consider several elements such as your skin type.

    It is normal & nbsp ;? All foundation textures and formulas are allowed, so our liquid foundation may be right for you!

    Your skin is combination or even oily & nbsp ;? Mineral foundations, like the one we offer, are perfect for you. Non-comedogenic , light and easy to apply, they mattify your skin without suffocating it.

    For dry skins , foundations with a creamy texture are recommended because they moisturize. However, our liquid foundation, thanks to its natural composition, is also suitable for dry skin.

    What natural ingredients is your foundation made of?

    Our liquid foundation contains aloe vera and magnolia bark extract. Aloe vera prevents the aging of the skin and soothes the latter. Magnolia bark is popular for its antioxidant action .

    I have acne, is your foundation right for me?

    Thanks to its soft and mineral formula (oil-free), our natural foundation respects all skin types , even those with blemishes. Thanks to its light and fine texture , it does not suffocate the skin. If you have acne, do not hesitate to seek advice from a dermatologist because there are different types of acne, and therefore actions and reflexes adapted to each type.

    Is your liquid foundation smoothing?

    Our organic foundation unifies and reveals the radiance of the complexion. It offers light coverage and a natural matte and powdery finish . Its light and melting texture glides over your skin for a bare skin effect. It highlights your face and your complexion.

    Can I use your liquid foundation with my dry skin?

    Yes, thanks to aloe vera and magnolia bark extract, our liquid foundation is suitable for dry skin . Our advice? Apply it on a clean and perfectly hydrated face with your usual cream.

    Will I have a natural effect with your foundation?

    Absolutely! Our liquid foundation achieves what is called a bare skin effect . To make it short, thanks to its light texture, it does not create a mask effect , but on the contrary offers fine coverage that reveals the beauty of your complexion.

    I have combination skin, is your foundation suitable?

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    The fluid texture of our foundation is perfectly suitable for combination skin , that is to say both dry and oily (on the T zone, forehead, nose and chin). The aloe vera contained in our liquid foundation helps to fight against excess sebum. If your skin tends to glow during the day, especially on the famous T zone, our natural and mineral foundation will help fight this little problem.

    Is your organic liquid foundation non-comedogenic?

    Yes, the light composition of our mineral liquid foundation keeps your facial pores from being clogged . Thus, blackheads do not develop, and your skin breathes. Our foundation is your daily ally for sublimated skin and a radiant complexion.