The final touch for burning eyes

    Natural, organic and vegan eyebrow pencils

    Available in 3 shades, our double-ended eyebrow pencil (brush + pencil)
    will quickly become an essential part of your new green makeup routine 🍃!
    1 product

    1 product

    An organic and natural eyebrow pencil 🌿

    Made of 100% natural ingredients , our eyebrow pencil wants you well.

    The coconut oil the component hydrates and nourishes in depth.

    Carnauba wax has a high content of antioxidant fatty acid : this helps protect the sensitive and irritated skin, and maintain the hold pencil on your eyebrows.

    A quality and affordable eyebrow pencil 🤝

    Our desire is to make organic beauty accessible to everyone . In addition to being effective and good for your skin , our eyebrow pencil is at a very soft price : less than 9 € for a long-lasting hold!

    A vegan and cruelty-free eyebrow pencil 🐰

    Like each of our makeup products, our organic long-lasting eyebrow pencil is vegan . This means that it does not contain any material of animal origin.

    In addition, it is cruelty-free , this indicates that no tests have been done on animals, in accordance with European laws.

    Charlotte Bio's Team's tips

    What colour of pencil to choose for my eyebrows?

    At Charlotte Bio, we offer 3 shades of eyebrow pencils .

    Which color to choose? It all depends on your hair color and the desired effect. In general, prefer the same color as your hair for your eyebrows.

    👉 Our blond eyebrow pencil matches the hair very well blond. It allows you to structure your eyebrows while slightly thickening them.

    👉 Do you have chestnut to brown hair ? Opt for the chestnut shade to open up your eyes and the dark brown eyebrow pencil if you want a more intense effect.

    👉 Regarding red hair , choose an organic blond pencil if your reflections are light. If your highlights are slightly warmer, go for a chestnut shade.

    Obviously, the color will also depend on the desired effect. Choose the eyebrow makeup that suits you. Generally speaking, for a more natural effect, go for a lighter shade on the top of your eyebrow and a darker shade on the body and tail. This will put your gaze more forward.

    How to draw your eyebrows in pencil? ✍️

    👉 Apply your eyebrow pencil once your complexion is done.

    👉 To do this, start by thoroughly brushing your eyebrows from the inside out.

    👉 Then, using the pencil, draw small lines in following the direction of natural growth of your hairs, all along the line of the eyebrows. < / p>

    👉 For a natural effect, brush your eyebrows again to blend slightly .

    👉 No need for retouching , our pencil has a long-lasting hold. You are ready for the day!

    The 8 most asked questions about our organic eyebrow pencil

    Why choose organic for my eyebrow pencil?

    Is the eyebrow pencil the perfect size for me?

    What natural ingredients is your eyebrow pencil made of?

    Our eyebrow pencil is certified organic and is made from 100% natural ingredients . Mainly made of Coconut Oil and Carnauba Wax , this natural eyebrow pencil has a long hold . On top of that, it takes care of your eyebrows and doesn't damage them.

    How do you expect our organic eyebrow pencil to look?

    The organic eyebrow pencil allows you to structure the eyes easily. Using its double brush and pencil tip , your eyebrows are outlined.

    To open your eyes, choose a lighter shade. If, on the contrary, you want to structure it and opt for a more severe rendering, choose the darkest shade: the organic dark brown eyebrow pencil.

    Thanks to its content in coconut oil and carnauba wax , known for its emollient properties, the Charlotte Bio eyebrow pencil allows a very long wear . No touch-up is necessary.

    Is your organic eyebrow pencil made for men too?

    This product, like all of our range, is unisex . It therefore corresponds to all people wishing a male or female eyebrow pencil. The choice as well as the use remains the same.

    What is the coverage of your organic eyebrow pencil?

    Our organic eyebrow pencil has buildable coverage . Depending on the desired effect, use more or less material, following the natural shape of the eyebrow.

    Is your organic eyebrow pencil long-lasting?

    Absolutely, our long-lasting eyebrow pencil allows you to make makeup all day long and to withstand the elements of the day. It can be removed using your usual makeup remover: our detox cleansing gel or our milky water cleanser.

    I have sensitive eyes, is your eyebrow pencil suitable?

    < / h3>

    As powerful as a conventional eyebrow pencil, our eyebrow pencil is boosted with nourishing and soothing ingredients : it is therefore perfectly suitable for sensitive eyes . Our organic eyebrow pencil is tested under ophthalmological control.