Charlotte Bio commits to develop essential, ultra-soft and Ecocert certified products for every babies’ and toddlers’ care.

    Our children are our future. We wish to protect them with healthy and environment-friendly products, so that they protect their own children and our world when their turn comes.

    Baby’s skin is particularly fragile, delicate, and immature. It claims for specific cares formulated with safe, effective and 100% natural ingredients.

    Charlotte Baby Bio is committed to it and goes even further.

    Organic and certified from the outset, Charlotte Baby Bio makes the safety and tolerance of its products for babies a priority.

    None of the ingredients are of controversial topic.

    A lot of love, softness, and a delicate hypoallergenic perfume with notes of white peony and currant flowers.

    And of course, lovely mascots are present to contribute to the awakening of baby!

    3 products

    3 products